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Egg loaf. What can I even say? It’s the easiest, tastiest treat. Whenever I’m craving French toast it’s my number one pick. Just uploaded a YouTube video where my rad 5 year old helps me make it. 😂 lets just say this batch may have some crunch. #keto #eggloaf #ketoginja #easyketorecipes #lowcarb

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ONLY A FEW FULL SIZE CAKE MIXES LEFT YALL SO GRAB THEM SOON BEFORE I GOTTA GET MY BOOTY BACK TO THE KITCHEN TO MAKE MORE!! 💛💛💛💛 REPOST • @ketoginja Ok that’s it I’m spilling the beans!!! @primalnoms launched cake mixes on their site! Now you can make an entire delicious Cake for your whole family. These are flying off the shelves so you may have to wait until the next round. 🤤🤤🤤 use code Ketoginja at checkout my friends. oh, and they’re sweetened with allulose which is the tastiest sugar free sweetener ever. ❤️🥳 #keto #ketodiet #lowcarb #ketoaf #sugarfree #ketoginja #ketocouple #eatcakeonketo #ketotreats #cake #diabetes #diabeticfood

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I’ve been feeling really down the last couple of weeks. My anxiety has been awful, stress at an all time high. So this week I’m practicing some major self care. Yesterday I got a new tattoo by my dear friend @jttatts73 to remind me how lucky I am to do what I love for a living. The best part about this tattoo is that @ohjennyroe my best friend/ partner/ mentor got the same one. My soul sister both behind the camera and in life. We’ve wanted matching tattoos for years so this was a bucket list item for us. ❤️Today, mani pedi. If you’re feeling out of sorts, you’re not alone and I am here for you. I love you all so much. #ketoginja #mentalhealth #ketomom #ketomama #anxiety #selfcare

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My Buffalo chicken dip is so cheesy and creamy. I crave it and have to have it. We eat it so many ways too. It’s great in lettuce wraps, awesome on a big bed of salad... even makes a killer buffalo chicken quesadilla in a low carb wrap. And get ready to love me because the recipe is typed out. Mama’s Buffalo chicken dip Ingredients : 3 cups cooked chicken 1 1/2 blocks cream cheese 1 cup Hot sauce 1/2 cup ranch (or sour cream) 1/2 cup mozzarella 3/4 cup Monterey Jack Melt together the cream cheese and hot sauce, add chicken, sour cream (or ranch) and a little more than half of the cheese. Bake on 350 for 20 mins. Pull it out, sprinkle on remaining cheese, put under broil for couple of minutes. #keto #ketorecipe #ketorecipes #ketoginja #ketodiet #ketoweightloss #weightloss #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #buffalowings

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This, is a cheese cake cookie. The base is (you guessed it) a cookie. This is a @gooddeesmix butter pecan treasure. Then it’s got a cheesecake top hat. The flavor possibilities are endless. New YouTube video shows you exactly how I made them. It’s easy, and they make a statement on a platter. #keto #ketodiet #ketoginja #cheesecake #cookies #lowcarb #ketodessert

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Parmesan crusted tilapia! So so so easy and tastes like restaurant quality. We used cheap aldi tilapia. Dipped the thawed tilapia into egg. Then breaded in Parmesan cheese that had some parsley and some garlic powder in it. Baked at 375 for around 25 mins. Basically once I liked the texture of the coating it was ready. Crispy fish edges are life! Served it along side @highkeysnacks caulimash which I’m OBSESSED WITH. It has almost a broccoli cheese soup vibe. Kind of like a cream of wheat texture. I LOVE IT. I also had a little left over coleslaw which made the most beautiful plate ever. Man, I love food so damn much. 😂❤️ #keto #Ketoginja #fishdinner #ketomeals #weightloss #ketoweightloss

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Breakfast Beast is the meal prep item you didn’t know you needed. It’s fathead dough topped with eggs, cheese and breakfast meats. Safe to say I just scored major wife points with @mrketoginja because his breakfast this week is LIT! #breakfast #keto #ketodiet #fathead #fatheadpizza #ketofam #ketobreakfast #lchf #lowcarb #ketoginja #weightloss #ketoweightloss

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Keto fudge? YES PLEASE. This recipe is by the awesome @blacksheepketo it’s on his website and I made it today on my channel. If it’s the only thing you do for yourself this week, make the fudge. It’s life changing. #keto #ketodiet #sugarfree #ketodessert #ketoginja #blacksheepketo #ketofam #ketolifestyle

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Such a gem in the simple lunch department. Basic egg salad with smoked ham as a wrap. 🤤🤤 I absolutely love using lunch meat as a wrap or vessel. There are endless ways to mix it up and so much lower carb than a tortilla. What did you have for lunch? #keto #ketodiet #ketoginja #ham #eggs #eggsalad #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #ketoforbeginners

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Meatballs, marinara and mozzarella. A staple. It’s a meatball sub in a bowl and we’re feeling reeealllyyy happy. Now, fun fact. My meatballs don’t have a recipe. I just throw in what I have on hand. My marinara has a ton of flavor so the meatballs are a low pressure situation. I usually start with a couple lbs of ground beef. Add an egg, some almond flour and some parm cheese. Minced garlic and a few sprinkles of whatever Italian seasonings I grab from the spice cabinet, a splash of heavy cream....and that’s it. Lol... I measure nothing. Don’t hate me. 😂🤷‍♀️❤️ #keto #ketodiet #Ketoginja #meatballs #ketodinner

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Nothing says love like boy bacon boats. ❤️ #keto #ketodiet #Ketoginja #ketolunch

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Florida heat has me looking like a lion. Full disclosure, I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed the last few days. It’s triggering all of my anxiety and all of my cravings. Stress is my number one culprit when it comes to poor food choices. I’m hanging in there and trying to remind myself that alllll of my blessings far outweigh my stressors. I love you all and hope your week is off to a wonderful start. #keto #ketodiet #ketoginja #ketosis #ketomom #ketomama

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