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he tells me every day “mama, remember everything you do is good enough”. he’s also my little boyfriend that said “mama remember i made those for you” one day when he saw the stretch marks on my stomach. i’m not sure how i got lucky enough to be his mama & have his wisdom shape my mindset but i’m so grateful! this week i challenge you to see yourself through the eyes of the people that love you & notice how empowered you feel. you’re beautiful and worthy just as you are. ❤️ #sundaynaps #homesweethome #loveyourself #selflovejourney

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Did you know I hand paint 98% of my signs? It’s super time consuming, but you just can’t beat the colors. I mixed all of these colors as I made the ombré effect. I couldn’t do this same sign again if I tried. I distressed the frame and made a very light chippy paint look with tiny bits of lavender. Do you see it? Each time I see it posted, I love it even more! Definitely one of my favorite signs to date.

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It’s a BEAUTIFUL day! When I was scrolling my phone looking for a picture to post, I thought I somehow took a black and white photo. Nope. 🤪This sign is black, white and gray. And it. Is. GOOD.

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Morning! There’s nothing like having a slow Sunday, starting with a long hot bath! In reality I have the scented candles lit too, but I wanted to show you what this corner of our rented bathroom makeover looked like - and the flames made it all look very orange in the photo at this time in the morning. So, we have a puppy instead - I actually found him in here and couldn’t resist the shot! The wall behind the bath was this colour when we moved in and it’s lovely, so I haven’t changed it, but I did build the painted zig zag colour scheme around it, as well as the beautiful orchid photograph on the left hand wall, given to me nearly 20 years ago by the incredible photographer @timothysoarphotographer. It also means there’s less to paint back when we move out! Apart from a hint of the zig zag wall on the right, the only change at this angle is the styling - rug, vases, plants, Buddha head, etc. but it all makes a difference. It’s also a stunning day in London, so I’ll be going for a run later and then a long walk in the park with the kids and Duffy, followed by our traditional hot chocolate in the Chocolate Cafe at the end of our road. Yum!! Perfect day! Does anyone else ever start Sunday with a luxury bath? . . #myhousethismonth 19 - Slow Sunday #storyofmyhome 19 - It’s a beautiful day . . #bathroom #bathroommakeover #rental #annajacobsdesign #interiorstyling #interiordesign #homedecor #interiordecorating #puppy #designinspiration #myhome #myhomevibe #sodomino #bathroom #zigzags #homedecor #myhomestyle #colourmyhome #sorealhomes #walltowallstyle #livefabulousandfearless #storyofmyhome #spabathroom #spotlightonmyhome #colourmyhome #bathroomideas #rentalproperty #frenchconnectionhome #cornerofmyhome #itsabeautifulday #slowsunday #shichon

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Just thought the IG feed needed a little more RED! HOW ABOUT THEM CHIEFS ❤️💛 If you haven’t heard, it’s been 50 years since the diehards have seen a Chiefs super bowl! - - We haven’t missed watching a game together since we met #chiefsfanlove Finally saw the game that lit up KCMO! - - - - - - - - #kcmo #red #chiefskingdom #chiefs #SuperBowl #nfl #inlove #love #diehardfans #sundaygame #redandyellow #kcmo #kansascity #kansascitychiefs #history #footballhistory #itsabeautifulday #footballfans #cantstopwontstop #onemoregame #anotherwin #playoffwin

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