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When a small stick just isn’t enough 🙌🏻#video @georgethemainegolden #gloriousgoldens

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The weather calls for rain until Monday here, but there will be plenty to do inside. She occasionally will run around and play in the rain, but more often than not, we just end up watching it come down for a bit. Have a lovely Friday, everybody! 🥰

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We had a request for a mud monster video the other day so here it is. Our Friday flashback to the first time we got a glimpse of miss sassy pants at her finest 😅 #flashbackfriday

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From archives our best picture ❤️ Happy weekend ya all!

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hey girl, feel my sweater. it’s made of 100% boyfriend material. #cutie

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Tag your love ❤️ @waterfrontgoldens

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