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The Gym life 🏋️‍♀️ I get asked a lot about how I got into the gym, why I love it and how do I stay motivated. Well the answer to all those questions starts when 16 year old Sam joined the gym to lose weight that I never had 🤦‍♀️ classic. I focused on Cardio with some weights as at the time that is what I needed to aid in my Dance Diploma but fast forward to my 20's when the impact of the gym changed my life. I got more invested in weight training, getting stronger and before I knew it the gym became a safe haven for me and my thoughts. The gym gave me confidence, it gave me a level of discipline to work hard and the motivation to always want more in my life - which led me to compete. Flashback to 16 year old me who would of laughed if someone told me that the Gym will be a huge influence on my life & identity. I wouldn't be who I am without the gym and I wouldn't have my character, discipline or mindset that I have now & I wouldn't have met some incredible friends along the way! If I have learnt anything in the year 2020, it is who I am. The gym is my life, my lifestyle & my passion! Roll on the 25th of July 💪 . . . #fitness #bodybuilding #weightlifting #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #preplife #shapedbysammy #gymlife #ilovetolift #thisisme #beingme #happiness #gymislife #mypassion #lifestyle #celebrate #reopengyms #bikiniprep #offseason #positivevibes #bringiton #stronggirls #aesthetics #covid19fun #planteater #thegymisme #identity

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Gym life 💪 #gymlife #fitness #workout #training #träning

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Throwback To Gym Life 💔 - It can be frustrating when we are working out consistently, tracking our nutrition, eating healthily, doing cardio daily but still not seeing the results! - In fact overdoing cardio was something I used to do which impeded my overall progress. That in addition to under-fuelling myself meant that I was depleting more than I was building! - If you’re not getting the results you want here’s a few questions you need to ask yourself 👇🏻 - 1️⃣Are you prioritising your sleep and recovery? What we do in the gym is only part of the equation because change doesn’t happen until we rest and recover. If we are not fuelling ourselves adequately this will also impact our recovery and our results! 2️⃣Are you constantly bloated? If our digestion is constantly off this is a huge sign that things aren’t working as they should be. If our gut health isn’t right we might not be utilising our food as efficiently. 3️⃣Are you training intensely enough? Building muscle goes beyond just lifting weights from A to B; we also need to be lifting with purpose and challenging our body above it’s normal capacity. Having a structured program, sticking with the basics and applying progression is what’s really needed to make a difference! - Are you struggling to get the results you want with your training? Have you ever consider online coaching? - If YES Drop me a DM ✅

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