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I haven’t seen a quad this juiced up since @lancearmstrong crossed the line in the @letourdefrance back in the 90’s!! There’s one thing this’ll do that the fuel he used won’t ...... get you a rager!!!! #burger #burgerporn #burgasm #burgermania . . . Repost from @beaueatsmoore 🍔Quad Pineapple Express🍔 💥 @sneakyburgerco 💥 . Just look at it! Smash Pattie goals! Awesome Flavour! Epic Name! Amazing burger around! I want another! 🍔🥓🍍 #pineappleexpress #sneaky #sneakyburger #Wollongong #gong #wollongongfood #wollongongeats #burgers #bacon #peanutbutter #cheese #420 #pineapple #express #epic #devourpower #topfood #musthave #yum #nom #yass 🍔🥓🍍🔥🔥🔥

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This week has been a dream come true. I haven’t really had the words to make this post, but I’ve also been too excited not share. I had the honor to learn from my dear dear friend @meditatingwithanimals how to play the sound bowls the Gong, and many other sound healing instruments. Pamela is beyond inspirational, talented and her way of passing on wisdom is just so right. I’ve dreamed about doing a training for years and I can’t believe how perfectly everything aligned when I listened to my heart. Sound healing is something that has truly changed my life, and I’ve felt so called to bring this medicine to many people the way it was brought to me. I’m so grateful for all the women in my life that have shared this magic with me!! 🙏🏼✨ I felt so blessed to experience this day/ new venture with such beautiful, strong, open women. We learned so much not just about sound but about one another which created such a vulnerable open space of connection, flow and freedom. Grateful. Grateful. Grateful.

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I don’t talk about #Slayer much, but thought you all would appreciate this. At the 3 minute mark in the video for ‘Seasons In The Abyss’, I hit what appears to be a gong. It was actually a brass table top that was acquired, then later given to me by the film production team. I just found it buried deep in my storage unit and decided to clean it up. Turned out pretty nice.. think I’ll keep it.

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Sound Therapy (level2) The Gong - Group Sound Baths DM for info & registration دورة الاسترخاء بالصوت (استخدام الجونج / الجلسات الجماعية) ٢٦، ٢٧، ٢٨ سبتمبر، جدة محاور الدورة العلاج بالذبذبات الصوتية بأنواعه المختلفة و تقنيات جديدة استخدام الآلات العلاجية و الأطباق التبيتية والكريستال وغيرها للجلسات الجماعية والفردية.. - كيفية تطبيق العلاج بالصوت باستخدام الأطباق التيبيتية و الجونج اليدوي. ماهو الجونج و ما هي أنواعه و استخداماته تقنيات لعب الجونج بمضرب واحد و بعدة مضارب.. تأثير العزف على المناطق المختلفة في الجونج ومعانيها كيفية تصميم رحلة صوتية باستخدام عدة أنماط تنقل المتلقي إلى عوالم وأبعاد أخرى كيفية بناء جلسة الجونج الجماعية والتسلسل المنطقي لاستخدامه.. كيفية اختيار الجونج المناسب والاعتناء به أنواع المضارب واستخداماتها طرق العزف المختلفة و أسماءها استخدام الجونج في اليوجا و العلاج و التأمل استخدام الحدس الداخلي والتأمل عند استخدام الجونج طريقة الاستعداد و طقوس اللعب استخدام الجونج في علاج و موازنة جميع طبقات وجودنا وتأثيره على العقل الواعي و اللا واعي تحذيرات استخدام الجونج

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Enchanting frequencies coming ya from Italy... volume up!! What a unique combination of instruments. Does anyone know the names of them? #Repost @soundbathworld ・・・ Amazing! Sound on.🎧🎶⁠ .⁠ Location: Calcata, Italy ⁠ .⁠ Video from: @grottasonora ⁠ .⁠ #soundbathworld #soundhealing #soundmeditation #soundbath #soundbaths #soundtherapy #meditation #musictherapy #vibrationalhealing #soundmassage #soundtherapy #vibrationalsoundtherapy #soundbathhealing #soundbathmeditation #soundbathing ⁠ #gong #gongs #gongitout #getgonged #gongbath #calcata #italy #pyramidsofchi

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