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The Many Moons of 2021🌕🌑 Swipe for the New Moons. There will be 12 Full Moons next year. Also, you may notice that we don't have a Cancer Full Moon. That's because we will have 2 Aquarius Full Moons. This year was extra emotional due to the 2 Cancer Full Moons we've had, but next year things just might feel extra light and airy due to the double dose of Aquarius energy. In addition to, Saturn & Jupiter align in Aquarius in Dec 2020 for the first time in nearly 400 years. The Age of Aquarius will be upon us🙌🏼 *Please note dates may vary depending on your geographical location. All these dates are Standard Eastern Time. For anyone interested, these 2 pieces are available as a set. They are 12×12 on a nice coated matte. Avail in my E T S Y S H O P.

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Every morning I get up and meditate. I occasionally follow that meditation with a tarot reading before I do my daily journaling practice. It’s truly been a classic Mercury retrograde for me. Doing my best to remain patient while also clearing out some heavy cycles. In this morning’s reading I first pulled the “Wheel of Fortune,” which for me was a highlight of the life cycles - good or bad that I’ve been navigating lately. Acknowledging the cycles I am trying to clear, confronting myself with some personal things that this retrograde has bought up for me. The next card was “8 of swords” which was just telling me that in clearing these cycles I may feel stuck which, lol yes. Sitting with this card I got this reminder that when we are breaking cycles and clearing things that there will be periods of time where we don’t see results immediately of the clearing. Of course after pulling this card, “Queen of Cups” flew out of my deck. The Queen of Cups reminds you to trust your intuition and the process. The process then, in this case is clearing the cycles/habits etc. Trust it even if we aren’t immediately seeing these results. It’s tough, but to trust is to stick with the work. This reading was just a reminder to take it slow. The process of dismantling anything in our lives takes so much patience and focus and grace, all with ourselves. Sending love. 🧡 [Image description: An illustration of two characters linking hand in hand forming a circle. In the circle reads test that states: “breaking cycles takes time. the more you sit in it’s uncomfortability the greater the chance you have to witness the cycle dissolve into light.”] #healing #expansion #queerhealing #intuitive #illustration #personalhealing #growth #innerhealing #healingjourney #vulnerability #mercuryretrograde #release #fullmoon #illustrationartists #illust #illustratorsoninstagram #illustration #mindful #mindfulness #mindfulnesspractice #mindfulliving #meditate #intuitivemessage #forgiveness #111 #intuitivereading #collectivehealing #collectivereading #tarot #tarotreading

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Type "yes" if you're ready for your blessings this week ✨ Leaving you with this peaceful photo to end off your Sunday 🙏 thank you everyone for the kind words today. I'm happy my posts resonate with you and help you out. The messages I get about them encouraging you means the world to me. To me, I'm just living my life and I want to spread encouragement with the large platform I've been blessed with. I never would have imagined having 135k but since I do, you best believe I'm spreading love and light 💫 i love you guys! 💜 Have a great night 🌛 xoxo, Crystal Fairy 🧚‍♀️ Art by @indg0

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Good morning 🌞 excited to say I've restocked all of our crystal water bottles just in time for holiday season! I would order soon so you have some wiggle room and receive it early 💖 These bottles are the perfect bottle to make your Full or New Moon water and it already incorporates a crystal within!!! The moon also shines directly on the water since the bottle is clear! 🦋 stay hydrated while infusing your water with crystal magic 🧚‍♀️ choose from Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Obsidian ✨ which one would you choose? Tap photo to shop or direct link to purchase is in our story $50 ($37 usd) 💫 xoxo, Crystal Fairy 🧚‍♀️

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Hazır Galata Kulesi mavilere bürünmüşken (merak edenler hikayelere bakabilir) mavi renkte üstünden ay doğuşunu hatırlayalım. Fotoğrafı 3 sene önce çekmiştim. Maviye büründüğü tek tarihti Galata’nın ve süper ay’a denk geliyordu. 31 Ekim gecesi yine süper Mavi ay gözlemlenecek ve buna benzer bir görüntü elde edebileceğiz . 31 Ekim gelene kadar bu haline bakalım Bu arada farkettim ki storylere bakmıyorsunuz ya da instagram önünüze düşürmüyor. Bu aralar bakmanızı tavsiye ederim bazı sürprizlerim olabilir:) Sevgiler💙 #galata #fullmoon #supermoon #istanbul

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Did I mention that the full moon on Halloween is conjunct Uranus with Venus opposing Chiron while Mercury is in a square to Saturn? Howl like no one is listening. It’s time to break free. #cosmichealth image via @wild.divine.feminine . . . . . #scorpio #scorpioseason #waxingmoon #fullmoon #halloweenfullmoon #breakfree #breakout #mooncycle #growthmindset #resilience #truth #samhain #seasonalcrossquarter #mercury #mercuryretrograde #pisces #piscesmoon #compassion #taurusfullmoon

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Drop a big YESSSSSSSSSSSSS if you agree ❤️

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