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Your death should be a time of celebrating your life - not a time for your loved ones to crowdfund asking for donations toward the final expenses that you failed to properly plan toward. My words may be heavy for some, but we have to face the reality that when we fail to plan, we create burdens for those we love most. I can help! Contact me for a quote Today!!

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Jersey! We came we saw we conquered!!! Nothing better than when folks recognize the “no brainer” in what we offer! We WILL be back! #firstprestige#wholelifeinsurance#finalexpense#nobrainer#leavealegacy#noburden#family#siblinglove#familybusiness#opportunity

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Farewell dinner pic at Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort, here with the man himself Mr. Tom Dempsey, President of our amazing company. • We’re very excited about this man running our company. He’s a no nonsense type guy. Tells it like it is & leads this organization into the next decade. His vision for 2020 is that our company is positioned to pay it’s licensed field force $1 Billion in commissions. That is huge!!! • All of the leaders who were in Hawai’i recently walked away with a number in their mind that they’d like to hit as their contribution to this behemoth amount. Record amounts of cash flow is being paid to our field force every Tuesday & every Friday. That’s right we get paid twice a week, 104 times per year. • Our platform is often compared to other business opportunities out there & when we do a side by side comparison of the compensation model...the other side gets pretty quite. If you’ve not sat down to take a serious look at the financial services industry especially our company...I’d challenge you to invest the time to get informed. Who has it better than us...NOBODY! • Check us out. Three things are a must to do well in our business 1. Sincere desire to help people. We serve the underserved with a fundamental financial education 2. Desire to want to make more money. The amounts you earn are your decision. There are hundrednaires, thousandnaires, & millionaires in our company. Choose BIG! 3. Desire to want to grow as a person. Self improvement is a must if your life is gonna get better. • We often say in our weekly presentations that we’re in the SELF IMPROVEMENT BUSINESS with MASSIVE COMPENSATION attached! • Our head office is in the city of Glendora, CA but we operate in all 50 states, Canada, Puerto Rico, & Guam. Want more out of life, DM me let’s talk!

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I have to take a moment to say how proud I am of these guys. All three of us worked as servers in the same restaurant. Now all three of us are about to change our lives and the lives of others. If you have a goal, make a plan, break it down, and take action. . . . #growthmindset #growtogether #motivation #determination #insurance #finalexpense #paramountbenifitsgroup #imperium #growth #gains #onelife #dominate #brothers #family #fitfam #fitness #fitforlife #onthecomeup #letsgetit

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Leo Season all year 💰⭐️😂😻 @iammilanrouge 🥰#Workingwomen#leosdressings #Bosswomen#milanodirouge #finalexpense#6figures#entrepreneurlife#1099world🌏 #imcutee#spottedinmilano

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These are death claim checks that are being delivered to the children (age 21 and 19) of an Allstate client. The father, age 51, called his agent requesting to cancel his 1 million dollar life policy in August. He was getting divorced and didn't think he needed the coverage. He had yet to return the signed cancellation, and passed just days later. Money can’t replace their dad but his girls will be okay financially. Life Insurance isn't available once you know you need it. You have to get it when you're insurable. There comes a point when each of us becomes un-insurable. You never equip your home with a fire extinguisher hoping to use it, but you’re prepared if you ever need it! Same goes for life Insurance! I’m your guy! #lifeinsurance #finalexpense #sales #americanincomelife #ail

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