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Photo by @jasperdoest | As of March 26, when I took this image, the Netherlands was one of the European countries not in official lockdown. We are still allowed to go outside. Schools, however, are closed, and many public services are on hold. This has an impact on daily life, and conversations are dominated by coronavirus news. My wife and I wonder how our girls will look back at these dark times 30 years from now. As parents, we don't avoid conversations about the virus; we stay indoors, and teach our kids about hygiene and safety measures. However, being 9 and 6, it’s important for our girls to remain kids and for us to create lasting memories as a family. Besides being a time of limitations, worry, and possibly loss, I hope they will also remember it as the time they were allowed to shave their father's head. #coronavirus #pandemic #familytime #Netherlands Check out Nat Geo's link in bio for more on this story.

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Pronto vendrán días mejores ❤️ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #mood#happy#grabaciónreportajecoronavirus#Riobamba#cuarentenacoronavirus#riobambaecuador#picoftheday#instagood#familytime#influencergirl#instasize#Fridayvibes#lovemylife#ecuadoriangirl#instamoment#instagramers#lovepictures#photooftheday#journalistlife#yomequedoencasa#yellow#pictureoftheday#redhairgirl#lovemakeup#modelando#followers

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“Why do all your kids look alike?” “Because I have 1 baby mama.” 😄💁🏻‍♂️ . Just having fun with these kiddos. If you could see the faces I was making behind the camera, you’d understand their faces lol. . New blog post tomorrow. Check out the blog TheGreatDadsby.com

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Ormai l’espressioni di Alice sono da copertina di un giornale 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Comunque io mi sto preparando a questa bellissima Pasqua in famiglia , io , Alice e mio marito ❤️ sarà una Pasqua strana , senza le nostre famiglie e sopratutto senza la super pastiera che ogni anno prepara mia nonna da portare a casa 😭 Peroooooooo ‘, ci sono le uova di cioccolato a farci sentire meno soli ... e dato che stiamo a dieta uno sgarro ci può stare no ? ( si crediamoci che stiamo a dieta , ma quando mai ??? 🤣 ) ... Nelle stories già avete visto Alice alle prese con il nostro super uovo Polly pocket 😍 chi da piccola non giocava con loro ? Io avevo tante casine , una più bella dell altra , e forse da mia nonna qualcosa ancora c’è ... Buona abbuffata di cioccolata ( la cioccolata di quest’uovo già è finita 🤣) eeee .... avete già comprato le uova per i vostri bimbi o siete in ritardo ?? ❤️ Buona notte e non dimentichiamoci : Andrà tutto bene ❤️🌈 #pollypocket #pollypocketmotta #mottaoriginale #giftedby

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AD: I have been looking for some easy dinner ideas to take a break from all the home cooked meals lately, and our family has been so impressed with @homeruninn pizzas!! These are sooooo good! These pizzas did not need anything extra,but the kids and I decided to celebrate Spring by adding some simple ingredients. We topped our pizza with prosciutto, red onion, arugula, and some more mozzarella cheese. SOOOO GOOD!! Head over to @homeruninn Instagram stories to watch how it's made. What are your favorite pizza toppings? #homeruninn #homeruninnpizza #kidrecipes #bestchicagopizza #familytime #thincrustpizza #chicagopizzas #pizzas

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This little guy has been a trooper with all this change. For the past few years our schedule has been bring big brother to school, come home, make maple milk for him and coffee for me, and watch the birds. But now mornings consist of math lessons and spelling practice and history lessons. Hunter has adapted well to our busy mornings by find a new love in drawing or @lego building on the kitchen floor (he brings his tool box filled with lego pieces to follow wherever we may be). But come afternoon he is craving that snuggle time with mama. So we go upstairs, curl up on his bed and listen to Brian Crain piano music for 45 minutes. No phones, no distractions, just mama/son snuggle time. ••• I bought this dress for Florida, which feels like a million years ago. @gap does such a great job offering #tallgirl dresses so this mama doesn’t have to worry about dresses being too short while chasing around boys. It’s currently 50% off with free shipping! @liketoknow.it #liketkit http://liketk.it/2MpNh . . . #LTKunder50 #LTKspring #LTKsalealert #Gap #FriendsAndFamily #WhiteDress #SpringDresses #SpringFashion #familyfun #familytime #familyvacation #sanibel #lovefl #sanibelbeachresort #ftmyerssanibel #sanibelisland @pureflorida @visitflorida @sanibelbeachresort @ftmyerssanibel @sanibel.island @carters @liketoknow.it.family @targetstyle @target #iny4320l @gap

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