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Coming soon to theaters near you • • • • • • • • • • #comedy #family #tiktok #lmao #savage #nochill #kungfu #karate #relatable #blackpeople #blackpeoplebelike #moms #momsbelike

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Ich habe gestern Laura-Eva, meine ältere Tochter, am Bahnhof abgeholt. Sie hat die letzten zwei Wochen auf der Messe in Frankfurt als Messehostess gearbeitet und in der Zeit bei ihrem Freund gewohnt. Als sie ins Auto eingestiegen ist, fiel sie mir um den Hals und hat angefangen zu weinen und mich ganz fest gedrückt und mir gesagt, wie sehr sie mich die letzten zwei Wochen vermisst hat und dass sie so froh ist, dass sie endlich wieder bei mir ist. Wir saßen eine ganze Weile so da und ich hielt sie fest in meinen Armen, bis sie sich ein wenig beruhigt hatte. In diesen Minuten ging mir mein Herz auf, glaubt mir ❤️ Wir hatten nur leider nicht viel Zeit zum Erzählen, weil sie nur kurz geduscht hat und dann gleich wieder zum Kellnern ins Restaurant (übrigens bis spät in die Nacht) musste. Und am Montag fliegt meine jüngere Tochter mit einem Freund für knapp drei Wochen nach Thailand. Aber heute Abend (wenn beide von ihren Jobs im Restaurant wieder zurückkommen) gehen wir alle zusammen essen. Wir sind eine recht laute, aber sehr fröhliche und flippige Familie (bei uns geht es oft Italienisch zu😄) und wir genießen es, wenn wir als Familie Zeit (neben Studium und Job) miteinander verbringen können ❤️ Seid ihr auch solche großen Familien-Menschen? . Genießen wir den vorerst letzten sonnigen Sonntag☀️☀️☀️ . . #family #doughter #dinner #legs #ü50 # #familytime #bestager #sunday #instadaily

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“As soon as I saw you, I knew adventure was going to happen.” – Winnie the Pooh ; There’s nothing that brings more joy into my heart than making sweet memories that’ll last a lifetime and getting to show our children the world, as a family. When they look back, I hope they’ll remember nothing but good memories, happy times, and a lifetime filled with adventures. Mommy and Daddy love you so much, Sophia Grace and Noah Gray.💙🌏👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💕✈️🗺 #TheRobinsonTravels #familytravel #family #travel #canada #banff #peytolake #canmore #explore #blessed #wanderlust #familyforever #iloveyou

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⠀ 아무 것도 모르는 솜이의 해맑음 😜🤪 이번 숙소에서 가장 마음에 들었던 공간, 화장실! 사장님께서 화장실에 공들이신게 느껴졌어요 느껴졌어 😭😭 #제주애단비#제주애단비애월 #somandmejeju

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Is your baby named after a loved one? My kids middle names are all family names and they love hearing the stories of where their names came from! ⋒ Sweet girl with our Softy Braided Pacifier Clip. Link in profile. @elexisbronson⠀ .⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀ 🌟LIKE + COMMENT on our posts for a chance to win $50 shop credit towards braided pacifier clips in our shop! We announce one winner every Friday in our stories! Tagging your mama friends in separate comments is a bonus if you think they’d enjoy our content too! Good luck!⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀ #madelinesbox #memorizingmotherhood #motherhood #momlife #parenting #love #baby #parenthood #family #kids #pregnancy #newborn #momsofinstagram #babiesofinstagram #pregnant #babyfashion #babyshop #babystuff #letthembelittle #maternity #firsttimemom

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⠀ 솜개린이 표정변화 😟 낌새를 눈치챈 김솜 양(3살, 43개월) #제주애단비#제주애단비애월 #somandmejeju

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Koľkokrát mi ešte zastavíš srdce?! A náplníš v jeden moment tak ze mam pocit ze praskne šťastím, láskou, hrdosťou?! ❤️❤️❤️ Milujem Ťa a nie je ani možné že stále viac a viac ďakujem, ďakujeme🙏 @rytmusking #family

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#Honestmotherhood comin’ in hot with this post😬 I’ve received enough messages on this topic that’s it’s time to make this a caption topic 😂 “How do you do all of this?!” “You’re a Supermom.” “I kind of feel bad about myself because you do so much and seem happy, I’m not happy and I do half of what you do.” Just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the heavier DMs in my inbox lately ☹️The only truth in any of these assumptions is that 1️⃣ I am doing a POOP ton right now. In fact- if this wasn’t for an extremely short season of my life (a matter of weeks while I film the tv show) I’d be honest and say that it’s too much for any person. It is.🤷🏼‍♀️ Filming a tv show, homeschooling part time, working here on IG and taking time to pop on stories and say hello or share a good deal I found takes up most of my day. I wake up early, go to bed way too late, and have just enough extra time to watch my trash television (BIP 😬) on DRV usually 5 days after it was recorded. I am busy! 2️⃣ BUT I have help! To make the tv show happen I HAD to get help. Luckily we have an amazing woman and now someone I consider a friend helping watch my babies pretty much anytime I get called to set if they aren’t in school. She’s on call like I’m on call 😂 She’s been my kiddos babysitter since Von was born, she’s a Mom of two herself and she’s a huge blessing to our family! I also have my part time assistant who has stepped in and become part time babysitter as well when needed, she’s basically Vivi’s Aunt at this point 😂 @miketodryk gets the biggest shoutout though. This man has blown all Dads out of the water this past month, dropping kids off, picking kids up, holding them hostage upstairs so we can make it through a on-camera-interview uninterrupted, he’s taken on double his normal work “Dad responsibilities” all while trying to juggle his job and the coffee shop as well. ALL OF THIS TO SAY👉🏼 I am not special. I’m making this happen because it’s a once in a life time opportunity and I have people who are AMAZING supporting me and helping me through this! I’m not superwoman, IM FREAKING EXHAUSTED, OKAY?! 😂 But I seriously cant wait to share this part of my life with y’all 😊❤️

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