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Why you on the gram posting thirst traps 🥵 for @victim15

2 months ago 125
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FriYAY’s 🧸 currently laying in bed tho recovering from wisdom teeth surgery! Send movie Recs my way 🎥

2 months ago 115
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May or may not be starting my Xmas shopping right now ☃️

2 months ago 108
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living the dream here 🤍

1 months ago 57
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Last selfie of the decade 🥶 Hair by @linduhhh 🖤

2 months ago 102
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hey winter break ❄️

2 months ago 106
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Can’t get enough of @loungeunderwear ⚡️

1 months ago 124
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I love my Blue and Gold 💙💛 • Meet @justkaylarose "PearleΣcent", the Seven of Epsilon Theta's Fall '19 Intake Class! ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪🔴🔴⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪ #Fall19 #Tuskeegee #BamaPoodles ##BamaSGRho #SigmaGammaRho

22 days ago 3
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Introducing the TRE of the Rhoyal Revival 👑 Seana Morris is a mysterious sophisticated woman. Her personality is contagious and she is very goal oriented . Seana is a senior Psychology major, minoring in health. After she graduates in May 2020 Seana plans on going to graduate school to pursue her dream career of being a rehabilitation psychologist. To our Sorors she will FOREVERRRR be know as Rhoyal MyΣtique! 💛🐩💙 -“Everyday is not promised, but I am grateful for every day God gives me!” #sgrho #sigmagammarho #apsu #fall19 📸 📸 : @tezzy1963

2 months ago 10
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watch me pop a wheelieee ⚡️

1 months ago 82