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i lost a bet stfu i have btw nothing against eren or levi they both are my fav characters in aot cc; v.iiper *edited*

2 months ago 187
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changing my username to erenswife.mrk haha jk........ unless..? (fr tho im not changing it dw) - DONT REPOST ac: voidaudios tc: @twixtorkawai

3 months ago 63
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⁣🥵🥵🥵⠀ -⠀ ac okaychydler⠀ dt tagged

7 days ago 191
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old caption cringed me ———— ac; kutefrank dt; tagged

8 days ago 138
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man i’m dead 🤠 - DONT REPOST ac: caisheaudios tc: hashi AMV on yt song: nalina - block b

3 months ago 62
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danger⠀ sorry this sucks i rushed this⠀ no cc/rsmb⠀ -⠀ ⁣Ac quakson on SC

3 months ago 233
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don't you cry

1 months ago 51
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Happy Birthday Eren boi 😣👊 m: aot ac: @/hinaudios song: ...baby one more time - the marias et: 5 hrs 30m dt: tagged and aot stans 🥰

8 months ago 52
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ereh in season 3 fck i used the wrong thumbnail ac bluemacs

22 days ago 125
2435199994161112966_12790816142 instagram

ac revxelio

23 days ago 71
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what can I do for you today my king 😏😏 ? -- -- •totally just an excuse to edit all my favorite Eren fanart I have a whole pinterest board for him okay 😩✋ •ac// quakson •dt// tagged!! •ART// bev-nap, yssotitan, lunarelles, KAWAIIRINRIN, roredwarrior3, sam-baten, tackyoekaki

12 days ago 51