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Happy Saturday! Nothing like starting the weekend with a loaded to the brim breakfast sandwich! Brunch: Everything bagel, fluffy scrambled eggs made with garlic ghee, spicy diced veggies, avocado, green onion + spinach Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend! #sweatspace #eeeatlikemike #brunchlikemike

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Happy Friday! (ad) Turned my all-time favorite pasta dish the Spicy Fusilli from Jon & Vinny’s in LA into a gluten-free and lactose-intolerant friendly Spicy Rotini! Spicy Rotini: @ancientharvest organic gluten-free rotini, evoo, shallot, garlic, tomato paste, potato vodka, almond milk, ghee, basil, parmesan, red pepper flakes, salt + pepper The newly formulated @ancientharvest gluten-free pasta is now made with brown rice which makes all the difference! It’s hands down the best gluten-free pasta I’ve found, it holds up really well when cooked and the texture is amazing! Hope you enjoy this as much as we did, full recipe is now on the blog! Wishing you the most amazing day! #sweatspace #eeeatlikemike #whatsonmyplate

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Follow @skinnytutorial for more Health & Exercise tips! ❤ • Which toast combo is your favorite: 1, 2, or 3❓ 😍 • ➡️ (Slide 1) Toasts: 🍅 1. Avocado toast with heirloom tomato, basil, sea salt, lemon, evoo 2. Cashew dill dairy-free cream cheese with lox 3. Peanut butter, chia jam, banana, hemp seeds 4. Avocado toast topped with a fried egg, sea salt + dill • ➡️ (Slide 2) Toasts: 🍳 1. Fried egg over avocado toast 2. Strawberries + chia seeds over pecan butter toast 3. Bananas + granola over pecan butter toast 4. Soft scramble over avocado toast • ➡️ (Slide 3) Avocado Toasts: 🥑 1. Avocado Rose 2. Sliced Avocado 3. Diced Avocado 4. Mashed Avocado • ✔ Follow us (@NutritionsTutorial) for the best daily Health & Calorie Intake Guides🏃🏻‍♀️ #NutritionsTutorial 🏃🏼‍♂️ 📸 Credit: @sweatspace

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Happy Thursday! (ad) This may be my new favorite lunch combination that’s also paleo too - spicy turmeric tuna avocado boats! Lunch: Avocado, StarKist Tuna Creations Lemon Pepper, Turmeric, Mayo, Green Onion, Celery, Lemon, Sea Salt, Black Pepper We're big fans of the @starkistcharlie tuna creations pouches as they're so convenient since there's no draining at all - just tear, eat and go! Wishing you the best day and hope you enjoy these as much as we did! #starkistcreations #teamcharlie #teareatgo

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Happy Tuesday! Toasting 4 ways today - mostly savory with a little sweet! Which one is your favorite: 1, 2, 3 or 4? Toasts: 1. Avocado toast with heirloom tomato, basil, sea salt, lemon, evoo 2. Cashew dill dairy-free cream cheese with lox 3. Peanut butter, chia jam, banana, hemp seeds 4. Avocado toast topped with a fried egg, sea salt + dill Hope you had a safe and relaxing holiday weekend and the best start to your week! #sweatspace #eeeatlikemike #toastlikemike

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Happy Tuesday! Toasting to the arrival of our second baby later this month! What do you think we’re having: Girl or Boy? Drop a 💗 for a girl or 💙 for a boy in the comments - we can’t wait to share once the baby arrives in the coming weeks! Hope you’re having the best day! #sweatspace #eeeatlikemike #toastlikemike

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Happy Wednesday! Feeling a breakfast quesadilla today, so this happened! Brunch: Almond flour tortilla filled with dairy-free cheese, avocado, scrambled eggs, garlic-serrano chili sauce and a side of berries to cool it off Hope you enjoy as much as I did and wishing you an amazing rest of the day! #sweatspace #eeeatlikemike #brunchlikemike

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Happy Wednesday! Keeping it super easy today for brunch with this incredibly delicious breakfast burrito! Brunch: Coconut tortilla filled with avocado, scrambled eggs, spinach, cheese + hot sauce Hope you’re doing well and safe! Wishing you an amazing rest of the day! #sweatspace #eeeatlikemike #brunchlikemike

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Happy Monday! Sharing my meal from today that could not only be a great option for dinner but also lunch too! Lunch / Dinner: Pasture raised chicken made with coconut aminos, sesame oil, garlic, ginger toasted sesame seeds with a side of jasmine rice, avocados and garlic broccolini made in avocado oil, sea salt + red pepper If you’d like to give @gomethodology a try, use MIKE20 for 20% off! Hope you enjoy and have the best start to your week! #sweatspace #eeeatlikemike #whatsonmyplate

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Happy Tuesday! Toasting two ways to Day 21 of Whole30! Do you prefer a soft boiled egg or a soft scramble? Toasts: 1. Russet potato toast topped avocado + soft boiled egg 2. Russet potato toast topped with avocado + soft scramble Hope you enjoy and have the best day! #sweatspace #eeeatlikemike #toastlikemike

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Happy Monday! Starting the week with this super savory and delicious breakfast today! Eeeats: Cumin quinoa made with cayenne pepper, lemon, sea salt, thyme + avocado oil topped with a soft boiled egg, plus a side of avocado, sautéed spinach and blistered tomatoes Hope you enjoy and have the best start to the holiday week! #sweatspace #eeeatlikemike #brunchlikemike

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Happy Thursday and Day 9 of Whole30! Haven’t had an omelette in awhile so made this veggie packed, light and super fluffy omelette today for brunch! Brunch: Omelette made with 3 eggs, ghee, onions, garlic, carrots, baby kale then topped with spicy diced fermented veggies + micro greens along with avocado and berries from the farmers market Hope you enjoy and are having the best day! #sweatspace #eeeatlikemike #whole30

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