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❣️ Pupdate! ❣️ 🐾 Remember our pregnant chihuahua mix, Tatianna!? She has given birth to 9 healthy puppies! 3 boys and 6 girls! We are so happy to see them become healthy and strong with Tati as their mom. 💓 At The Labelle Foundation, we are a no mother left behind rescue. Once Tati’s babies are 8 weeks old and ready for adoption - both mom and babies will be available for adoption to find their furever homes!

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🦊 Please meet Tucker! 🦊 He is a 1 year old, silky Terrier. You might have seen his son, Stanley! Tucker was a stray and was found with Stanley and Twyla. 🏡 Tucker is house trained and cannot get enough of other dogs! He is still learning to trust people because of being a stray with his little family. He is thriving in his foster and beginning to open up. We’ve noticed that he takes comfort when other dogs are around. These other dogs can show him the ropes and let him know that he is safe. Tucker truly is a love bug and the family that is able to adopt him is super lucky. 🐶 Thank you to our foster Christina, we couldn’t do it without you! #fosteringsaveslives ✨Please tag and share with friends to find these pup a forever home!If you are interested in adoption please visit our labellefoundation.org for an adoption application. ✨ Check out our FAQ highlight on our Instagram for any questions you may have about adopting or fostering!

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🌈 Everyone welcome the newest member to TMFS team, Lea! She has gone above and beyond for our animals since day 1. We are very lucky to have her. And I’m very lucky to have her as my girlfriend. 🥰 Also her birthday is the 5th, so everyone wish her a very happy birthday! She deserves it! @leabostwick Artwork by: @jessicajaneillustrations

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Oooh-ing + ahhh-ing over our very own July collection (and of course this gorgeous post thanks to @readswithc) We 👏 are 👏 so 👏 excited for all of you to #unbox your August collection!! Bring on all the pretty flatlays, clean/cruelty-free/vegan animal saving, planet loving beauty!! 🥰 We love you! Happy Monday beauties! ✨

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I try to sort through my difficult feelings and frustrations through graphics. One that has weighed heavy on me today is how I can do more for others far out of my community, even my country. The devastating news of what happened in Beirut hit closely and I spiraled into a hole of, how can I do more not just when something happens but all the time? Not enough people focus on helping others outside their immediate friends, family, business, and community. There’s ALWAYS going to be “a lot going on” — yes we need to take care of ourselves — but what would a world look like where we all dedicated even 2% OF OUR TIME AND LOVE to helping others across borders. How can we not just take in information and spread it, but be actionable and do something about it. Learn more about it, get a little emotionally invested. Remember that seemingly small actions go a long way — there are so many things we can all do if we set aside intentional time and care -things you can do even from the comfort of your couch. I admit it has always weighed extremely heavy on me to navigate my empathy. It’s a blessing and a curse to care so much, that the mere idea of facing a few too many realities will have my spiraling into hopelessness that keeps me paralyzed. The point is, none of us can do or help everybody/ everything. The world is a volatile place, but we can ALL DO more. I’m sure of it. Have we all gotten more selfish? It is truly impossible to help so many others while keeping energy for yourself? Is there one place that is true and trusted to receive information on how to help? I have more questions than answers right now, but I want to explore these thoughts together, and I can’t be the only one feeling this way. P.s. DM me for places to donate for Beirut relief: Red Cross and Impact Lebanon. Also here: https://lebanoncrisis.carrd.co/#donate

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Help Dasia with her tuition costs! Support Black college students 👏🏿 Please share! #blackpeople #education #college #tuition #donate

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I come to you guys with a very heavy heart. As you all know we’ve been struggling for some time because of covid. By this time, I was planning on our sanctuary growing and expanding with more land. But sometimes life happens. I’ve been going back and forth for months now debating on what the right thing to do would be for 2 special animals. But sadly we just don’t have the proper sanctuary to take care of our calves, Ferdinand and Bones. The money we had saved for more acreage for pastures had to be used for vet care and feed to keep our animals live and well. This is something I’ve cried over for many days and nights. My son has cried. We’ve all cried. We will miss our boys terribly. But at the end of the day it’s not about us. It’s about the animals and their happiness. And I know they will be much happier where they can have the home they deserve. Grazing in pastures is a very important part of their diet, without it they wouldn’t grow to be happy and healthy. Right now we have some grass for them to graze on, but now that they’re growing to be big boys it’s not enough for them to graze daily. A part of me feels like I’ve failed. But another part of me knows I’m doing the right thing for them. I know one day we will have the land that we need and we will be able to grow into the sanctuary to save more animals. But it’s just not that time right now. We want to thank everyone for supporting us and for loving Ferdinand and Bones. We only hope you all will continue to support us in knowing that we’re doing the right thing for them. Ferdinand and Bones will be heading to @secondchancerescuesc here in SC to start their new happy life with an amazing family. Thankfully they’re not too far from us so we will be able to visit them anytime! So I will keep everyone updated everytime we visit. Please, like and follow them to continue to follow Ferdinand and Bones journey. You can also donate to help them at Secondchancerescuesc.org ❤️

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We're in the middle of hurricane season and hurricanes can be unpredictable. They can develop and intensify rapidly, causing serious damage and loss of life. It's crucial to be prepared—protect yourself and your loved ones with a comprehensive plan. Check out our Hurricane Preparedness resource to make sure you’re in the best position to face the storms ahead. Click the link in our bio to learn more.

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دونات مینیاتوری🍩🍩🍩🍩 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 دونات مینیاتوری مناسب برای جشنها هستش با هر تِمی هم دکور میشه . 🍬🍬این دونات قطرش ۶ سانت هستش🍬🍬 . . . #novintabadolN15eCE|ddgvgfcFdr}7zr6 #دوناتخانگی #دونات🍩 #رشتگیلان #رشتیا #رشتیهایباسلیقه #دوناتخونگی #گیلانیها #گیلانمن #گیلانگردی #گیلانرشت #شهرباران 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐 ٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪٪ #seticake #donate #donat #mini #rashtinsta #rashtofficial #rashtgilan #rasht #gilan #gil#rashti #مرداد03 @seticake @seticake @seticake

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