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Hey guys!! I'm back (maybe) with my schedule all figured out and ready to make more memes for you guys ^•^ #bighitentertainment #bts #bangtansonyeondan #bangtanboys #seokjin #kimseokjin #jindadjokes #dadjokes #dadjokeoftheday . . Self promo is prohibited

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I made huge headlines last time I went camping! Guess that’s what I get for having a corduroy pillow... What kind of pillow do you take camping? 😴⛺️📰 | 📷: @alex.sphotography | ⛺️: @msrgear #TheTentCommandments

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When I went camping as a kid, we would always play really fun games. Like the one where my dad would put me in a tire and roll me down a hill. Boy, those were Goodyears.... You guys getting TIREd of these dumb jokes yet?? ⛺️🏔😍 | 📷: @sheraliphotography | ⛺️: @vango.outdoor #TheTentCommandments

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