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Milo giving Domino some cow kisses 😘 Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Luvin Arms! Remember to spread the love today and every day to all beings, human and non-human. A compassionate world starts with you ❤️

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Beautiful Mr. Harpo living in peace at @iowafarmsanctuary 🐮

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Rescued from the dairy industry this lucky big puppy found a forever home @sashafarm one of the largest animal sanctuaries in America! . *Warning, graphic dairy industry facts* . A lot of people, including myself until a few years ago, don't really understand why people have such a huge issue with artificial insemination on farms so I'd like to shed some light on that. . But first, let me ask you this. Why is beastiality or having sex with a minor wrong? It is because the animal or child cannot consent or get away if they don't like or want it, which is legally and socially considered to be rape. . The process of artificial insemination starts by restraining a bull, a male, and inserting a large dildo in their butt and jacking the bull off until they orgasm. Just fyi, just because someone orgasms during rape does not mean they liked, wanted or consented to the sexual act. The semen is then collected to be used on a female. . They then restrain a female cow, stick their arm all the way up the female's butt while inserting a long metal tube into the females vegaina to squirt the bull sperm into her. Impregnating her without her being capable of giving consent. After squirting her with semen the farmer will fist her in the butt for awhile and then let her go on her way. . After she gives birth, USDA standards state the farmer is to take her baby away from her within 24 hours which is extremely emotionally abusive to the mother and the baby whom share an unbreakable bond. Cows and humans share the same emotions and experience reality in the same way we do. Sure, they may be less intelligent than humans but their experience of reality is the same. The mother cows have a specific cry they release for the next few weeks calling for her baby who has usually already been killed for veal. . How would you feel if a superior race dominated humans and used us for milk production, stole your children within 24 hours of birth and repeatedly raped you so you kept producing milk? #ditchdairy . . #loveanimals #animallove #animalsanctuary #animalrescue #loveallanimals #sanctuarylife #farmanimalsanctuary #bekindtoanimals #rescueanimals #rescueanimal #cow #cows #Washington #seattle

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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” - Anatole France . 🎉Happy 3rd Birthday Oh Captain, [Our] Captain, we know so many souls have awakened because they met you ♥️ . ✨Come visit Captain any Sunday by clicking the link in our profile.✨

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Just a couple puppies loving on eachother @elfsanctuary ❤ . If you want to help support Elf Sanctuary consider picking up a few bags of coffee as for the next few days we will.be donating $2.50 directly to Elf Sanctuary for every bag sold :) . . . . . . . . . #cow #cows #babycow #babycows #cowappreciationday #cowseverywhere #cowsofinstagram #cowselfie #cowstagram #cowsofig #ilovecows #cowlove #cowlover #cutecow #lovecows #cowsarecool #cowsarecute #cowsfordays #cowlife #happycow #happycows #calf #calvesofinstagram #calves #babycalf #moo #farmanimals #farms #farming #animalfarm

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy your wet kisses from this sweetheart! What are your plans for today? Whether it’s a day for self love or time with family or significant other, let’s make this valentines a day to be kind to all living beings and be good consumers! Every action matters! Go plant based with dinner and skip out on buying boxed chocolate. The dairy industry should not be celebrated off the mother cows who have been impregnated to have their child taken away from them and have us use their babies milk for those chocolates! 🐮🌱 . . . Give us a follow @new.day.rescue to help support rescued farm animals and the sanctuaries that take care of them . . . Video @jugglingdaisies . . . #loveanimals #animallove #animalsanctuary #animalrescue #loveallanimals #sanctuarylife #farmanimalsanctuary #bekindtoanimals #rescueanimals #rescueanimal #cow #cows #missouri #stlouis #stlouissix #rescuecow #cowlife #babycow #cowlove #cowstagram #vegan

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