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Palm trees and 80 degrees

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Could community fridges on street corners be a solution to America's growing hunger problem? A team of fridge-keepers are coordinating donations from neighbourhoods and local businesses, making sure people who look for food at all hours of the day have something to eat. At least 15 other community fridges have been set up in the five New York boroughs and New Jersey. Los Angeles and Oakland also have fridges up and running. Similar initiatives are being considered in Houston, Minneapolis, San Francisco and Miami. It is estimated that as many as 54m Americans could need food aid this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and mass unemployment.

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That's great ❤️ 👏 #Arvindkejriwal #Inspirational #Delhi #NewDelhi #Covid19 #Corona #coronavirus

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#coronavirus #musicvideo (31)Million views #youtube 💪🏽😷❤️ #2020 #MR1

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Amid an ongoing economic crisis combined with the constant threat of the #coronavirus pandemic, communities in Lebanon are in a particularly vulnerable position.⁠ ⁠ And after last week's devastating explosion in #Beirut, the situation is even worse for kids and their families.⁠ ⁠ Learn more about the situation in Lebanon and how you can help. Tap the link in our bio.

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#AntonioBanderas da positivo a #coronavirus y pasa su cumpleaños en cuarentena😷 Vía @latinxnow (📸 @antoniobanderasoficial) Haz click en la bio para los detalles🔗⁠ ⁠ #LinkInBio

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Your health care providers are still dressed up like this. (I also wear a surgical mask to cover my envo mask) . Forget what you think about COVID19. Your doctors, PA, NPs, Nurses, MAs are still walking around dressed like this. Most hospitals want you to wear a surgical mask. Rest of the gear isn’t mandated for rounding in general unless going into a COVID19 positive patient. . Your health care providers aren’t scared of you. They want to take care of you whether you believed us and were taking precautions or were one of the people who called it a hoax. However they are scared of the invisible virus that they have seen kill many. Most know a fellow health care provider who ended up getting COVID19 while on duty. You called us frontline heroes back in February and March but now that you are fed up of waiting we are the villains. . The facts are out there. The science is out there. Your HCPs gain nothing by telling you to wear a mask, stay 6 ft a part and social distance or wash your hands. We understand how frustrating life has become. It’s exhausting. I myself am tired of wearing a mask for 12 hours every shift. But health is wealth. I’d rather deal with a minor inconvenience than be on the other side. . Once again, the science is out there. You can choose to do with it as you wish. At the end of the day your HCPs won’t judge you for it even if we seem frustrated on here. We just don’t want you to get sick. . That’s all.

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Morreu nesse último sábado, 8, o médico neurocirurgião Lucas Augusto Pires, um dos profissionais responsáveis pela cirurgia das gêmeas siamesas cearenses Maria Ysabelle e Maria Ysadora - em 2018. De acordo com informações da revistar Crescer, o especialista de 32 anos foi infectado pelo novo coronavírus, a Covid-19, e chegou a ser internado em uma Unidade de Terapia Intensiva (UTI), de Maringá, no Paraná, mas não resistiu. Antes de morrer, Lucas usou sua página pessoal no Facebook para informar a amigos e familiares que seu quadro de saúde teria piorado e que estava prestes a ser internado. "Peguei essa doença fazendo o que amo, cuidando dos meus pacientes com amor e dedicação. Faria tudo outra vez", desabafou o médico. De acordo com informações do portal G1, o médico atuava no Instituto de Saúde Bom Jesus, localizado em um município do Paraná chamado Ivaiporã- onde tinha contato direto com pacientes infectados pelo novo coronavírus. (Foto: Reprodução/ Facebook)

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💍 Para el amor no hay edad y así lo materializó esta pareja de ancianos que se comprometió recientemente en #Brooklyn. ⁠ ⁠ Este hombre de 76 años esperó a que su novia, de 71, saliera del hospital -donde permanecía con #coronavirus- para entregarle un anillo y pedirle matrimonio. ⁠ ⁠ ✨ ¡She said yes! ✨⁠ ⁠ ¿Qué te pareció esta historia? Mira más imágenes en nuestra biografía.⁠ ⁠ 📸 @ambercourtassistedliving

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@leomessi donó 50 respiradores artificiales a hospitales de Rosario 👏👏👏 . . . #argentina #rosario #santafe #respiradores #coronavirus

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Show someone a little love ❤️ today! #HappyMonday ! Photo 📷 by @RichardBallardPhoto Taken with my husband, Martin, at our Gala in Your Garden for @stonybrookssh on August 1,2020 . My 👗 dress @oscardelarenta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #philanthropy #coronavirus #jeanshafiroff #summertime #havingfun #happymonday #healthymindset #happyweek #feelinggood #fashionicon #goodvibes #staysafe #havefun #believeinyou #mask #fashion #glamour #happyweek #JeanShafiroffcover #JeanShafiroffphilanthropy #JeanShafirofffashionicon #endcovid-19 #showlove #spreadlove

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UNIDOS EN ORACIÓN POR LA PANDEMIA Te invito a rezar un rosario a las 21:30 hrs Cd de MEX MISTERIOSO GOZOSOS (lunes y sábado) 1. La encarnación del Hijo de Dios. 2. La visitación de Nuestra Señora a Santa Isabel. 3. El nacimiento del Hijo de Dios. 4. La Presentación del Señor Jesús en el templo. 5. La Pérdida del Niño Jesús y su hallazgo en el templo. . . . . . #FelizLunes #lunes #fe #cariño #coronavirus #fe #rosario

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