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Ganelon had had... better days.❌

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Today on April 2, 742, Charlemagne, the first man to be crowned as Holy Roman Emperor, was born in Frankia (present-day France). ••••• Charles I, better known simply as Charlemagne, was likely born in either the city of Aachen or Liege. As the eldest son of Pepin the Short, he was destined to one day rule over the Kingdom of Frankia. While little is known about his childhood or education, Charlemagne indeed turned into a worldly man. As a young adult, he displayed a talent for languages, speaking Latin and Greek, among other local dialects. ••••• Few names in history conjure up stories of greatness like Charlemagne does. To this day, he remains one of the most famous and accomplished kings of medieval Europe. Throughout his 46-year reign, he would launch more than fifty military campaigns to reunite western and central Europe. On Christmas Day in 800, Pope Leo III crowned him Imperator Romanorum, "Emperor of the Romans," in Saint Peter's Basilica. The coronation made him the first man to hold the title of emperor since the fall of the Roman empire over three centuries earlier. ••••• Click on the link in today’s story to continue reading the full post. •••••

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Statue of Charlemagne, Pierre de L'Estache, 1547. Church of St. Louis of the French (San Luigi dei Francesi), Rome. #statue #charlemagne #pierredel’estache #stlouisofthefrench #sanluigideifrancesi #church #chiesa #rome #roma #italy #italia #art #sculpture

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Spoke without hesitation and although this show aired the injustices then, here we are over 50 years later still dealing with these very same issues. #justiceforcariolhorne #nojusticenopeace #WEHAVEDEMANDS #BLACKLIVESMATTER #changetheworld #changes #changeisgood #balleralert #shaderoom #tamikamallory #davidbanner #angelarye #amandaseales #charlemagne #staywoke #6ix9ine

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La couronne du Saint-Empire romain germanique ✨ Vraisemblablement conçue au Xe siècle pour le Saint-Empire, la couronne impériale ne fut pas portée par son fondateur, Charlemagne, bien que le portrait idéalisé, d’après Dürer, exposé à la Schatzkammer de Vienne puisse nous faire comprendre le contraire. Caractéristique par sa forme octogonale, ses huit plaques gravées ainsi que cet arc reliant l’ensemble, cette couronne incarnait la grandeur et le pouvoir des monarques et empereurs dont elle ceignait le front.• • 🇬🇧 The Crown of the Holy Roman Empire Presumably designed in the tenth century for the Holy Roman Empire, the imperial crown was not worn by its founder, Charlemagne, although the idealized portrait of Dürer exhibited at the Schatzkammer in Vienna may suggest otherwise. Characterised by its octagonal shape, its eight engraved plates and the connecting arch, the crown embodied the grandeur and power of the monarchs and emperors whose foreheads it encircled. #charlemagne #holyromanempire #saintempireromaingermanique #oldmasters

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Today on March 1, 752 BC, Romulus, the founding King of Rome, celebrates the first triumph. ••••• A triumph was a major public celebration in ancient Roman times. These exciting parades served both a civil and religious function and typically occurred after a significant military campaign. The objective was to honor the victorious Roman commander and his legionnaires. The troops would march through the streets with spectators cheering at the sidelines. This provided an opportunity to showcase their spoils of war, such as newly acquired slaves, prisoners, rare objects, and even foreign animals. Riding upon a four-horse chariot, the victorious general would wear the iconic gold laurel wreath and dress in a purple toga. This ultimately signified his high, and even divine, status within society. ••••• The parade stopped at Jupiter's Temple on the Capitoline Hill. They would honor the gods by offering gold coins and sacrifices from their spoils. While showing humility in front of the gods, these triumphal parades ultimately served as an important publicity opportunity for the general. According to ancient tradition, Rome’s founding father and first king, Romulus, held the inaugural triumph after winning an important victory against the Caeninenses. Romulus infamously ordered the rape of the Sabine Women, executed their leader, and routed the entire army. ••••• The Romans later built massive triumphal arches to commemorate their greatest victories. Today in Rome, the Arch of Titus and Arch of Constantine still have a dominating presence in the ancient forum. Throughout history, many other military leaders like Charlemagne, Napoleon and Hitler, would seek to recreate the glory of an ancient Roman triumph. The Arc de Triomphe in Paris is perhaps the most grand and recognizable triumphal arch in the world.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Credit: r/historymemes Follow me: @federalenforcedmemes for more. People to Follow: @danktankcarlmemes @worldwar.memes @verytoxicmeme Hashtags (Ignore): #hre #holyromanempire #eu4 #hoi4memes #hoi4 #heartsofiron4 #school #test #complicated #historymeme #history #historymemes #historicalmemes #historical #charlemagne #meme

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NUOVA CASACCA "CHARLEMAGNE EVOLUTION" In sconto fino al 12 Dicembre La maglia dedicata al prode Imperatore CharleMagne, Difensore della Fede, Re dei Romani et flagello dei Sassoni! #charmander #charlemagne #pokemongo🎮 #pokemongofriends #pokemon #pokemongo #pokemonmemes #meme #tshirts #tshirt #charmeleon #charizard #maglietta #tshirt #natale #sale #medioevo #fel #loimperatore

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