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Messy toast & coffee Dreaming of our Asia Adventure a year ago @emlagr My Buddha mug reminds of that magical place, Cambodia.

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How am I only sharing this now? 😆 This is from a trip my hubby and I took to #ottawa last year for #research. Of course, research requires #coffee. And #bridgeheadcoffee understands 😂. #coffeeisavitamin #writersofinstagram #canada #acfwcommunity

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Sometimes you remember to take a beautiful, aesthetic picture of your fancy-pants overnight oats, sometimes you don’t [and feel a twinge of regret, as if it was somehow ‘wasted’] honestly, I’ve never had overnight oats and I don’t generally even like oats, but @megsyrecovery makes them look so tasty that big time food envy kicked in and I had to find some. Banana, peanut butter, granola; this thing was DENSE and delicious! And now I’m just trying to sit with the anxiety it’s stirring up. Even just deciding on this was a struggle; I went in knowing I wanted overnight oats but once I saw the calorie counts posted (which I’m quite sure didn’t even include the granola and almond topper), I immediately began trying to convince myself I wanted something else instead. I started thinking about the puddings I’d eaten after lunch and how much sugar I’d already eaten today. Then about how I really should eat something with more protein..and the spiral continued. And I stopped myself. These little nuances about food, these fiddly details and overthinking every element of every bite, these things only matter to anorexia, they don’t matter to ME. I’ve trained my mind that I need to control these things with an iron grip, but it’s an iron grip on thin air. I’m committed to the weight gain process but, perhaps more importantly for me, I’m committed to listening to what my mind and body wants, not deciding based on rules imposed by an eating disorder that has repeatedly tried to kill me. So after deliberating, asking and paying for the healthier, lower calorie Greek yogurt parfait, and nearly walking away convincing myself that was enough of a challenge, I stomped back to the counter and traded up for what I actually went in for. No regrets, just another strike against anorexia. #eatingdisorderrecover #anorexiarecovery #recovery #mentalhealth #edrecovery #health #wellness #prorecovery @bridgeheadcoffee #bridgeheadcoffee

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Finishing up my coffee and getting ready for the morning trek to work. I’d say the best part of the walk is the extra exercise, but actually it’s the occasional double-take people do when they see me strolling by with my Walkman in hand. Today’s soundtrack is Tears for Fears’ “Songs From The Big Chair”, an album that has propelled itself into my personal top 10 of all time. #morningcommute #coffeeandcassettes #walkman #cassetteplayer #tapecollection #tapecollector #tearsforfears #songsfromthebigchair #headoverheels #bridgeheadcoffee @bridgeheadcoffee @tearsforfearsmusic

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 - A powerful memoir by @malala 🙌🏼 It’s both educational and personal, with a good mix of dialogue and text! Definitely recommend if you’re looking to add any books to your nonfiction inventory 😉 . I Am Malala gives an interesting insight on Pakistan - everything from geography, to culture, to education. Malala clearly loves and respects her country but also addressed different topics and challenges such as gender equality, the right to education and the impact of war. She’s a strong advocate for peace and education!💪🏼📖 . There’s a lot to learn from this - it’s courageous and books like these get people interested - I think its a step in the right direction👏🏼

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In Canada’s capital city, there has been a boom in the coffee scene as of late. Today on Sprudge, we’re taking a caffeinated tour of Ottawa, featuring @bridgeheadcoffee, @theministryofcoffee, @blacksquirrelbooks, @littlevictoriescoffee, and @quitterscoffee. Link in profile.

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I received my order of 4lb coffee beans from my work @bridgeheadcoffee Thank you. I'm waiting back to go back to work soon when everyone is safe. . #bridgeheadcoffee #coffee #커피 #espresso #에스프레소 #홈카페 #homecafe #homecoffeebar #홈커피바 #brevillebaristaexpress #breville87 #캐나다 #canada #오타와 #ottawa #캐나다일상 #canadalife #오타와라이프

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#ottawa strolls for caffeine 📷: @thirdcultureliving

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Having a warm mug with a hot drink makes you automatically slow down since if you try to act too quickly, you will spill and burn! And we don’t want to burn...🔥🤪 To relax and relieve anxiety, I love camomile tea🌼 (camomille is also my nickname lol) or a cup of reishi mushroom 🍄hotchocolate from @botanicahealth or @foursigmatic. . I’m also a sucker for a good latte, hence my multiple latte art posts hehe. I always use coconut milk or soy milk in mine 😁. Baristas are usually mad at me because it’s harder to do art with a plant milk since the fat content is lower 🤷‍♀️. . Some of my favorite coffee shops in Ottawa are @origintrade @jacksonottawa @hqottawa @bridgeheadcoffee @theministryofcoffee @happygoatcoffee @bluebirdcoffeeottawa , Café Ève in Simmons Rideau, @starbuckscanada @secondcupcanada . I’d love to discover knew spots, let me know if I missed some of your faves. ☺️🍵 . 📸: @mathieulegault #coffee #ottawacoffee #ottawa #happygoatcoffee #ministryofcoffee #hqottawa #starbucks #secondcup #bridgeheadcoffee #origintradecoffee #latte #coffeeshop #ottawacoffeeshops #ottawabloggers #montrealcoffeeshop #montrealcoffee #fall #autumn #reishimushroom #camomiletea #ottawaphotography #photography #ottawamodel

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