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@ someone you want to cuddle with! —♡— ✧ follow ( @in.love.memes ) for more! ✧ ✧ like ♡ comment ♡ share ✧ —♡—

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@ someone who is cute! —♡— ✧ follow ( @in.love.memes ) for more! ✧ ✧ like ♡ comment ♡ share ✧ ✧ via ( @wholesomemememe ) ✧ —♡—

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I legit dont know how to feel and I fucking over think everythingg!!! I like this guy but at the same time I know It'll never happen. I wanna be friends but he probably thinks I'm annoying and wierd. I don't make friends easily with guys, its not natural for me as it is for some people to just easily fit in with guys and hang out with them. I overthink EVERY SINGLE THING and make it awkward. UGHHHHh 😤 today tho he sat next to me on the floor when I was alone and it was so sweet but we just said hi to eachother and we kinda didnt talk he looked sad and I couldn't build up the courage to say something 😭😭😭 idk how to feel I'm like sad and mad 🤔😔😭😤 also do people even read caption? If you read this comment that you did because I'm curious. It's literally fine by me if people don't I just let my feelings out on here :)

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So Baby, Can we Dance? Habt ihr gemeinsame Hobbies? Patrick und ich tanzen nicht im Verein oder Standart aber im Club geht es schon mal ganz gut ab 😁 aber auch im Wald, mitten zwischen den Bäumchen, wird ab und an mal ein Tanz hingelegt, wie ihr seht 😆 ———————————————————— #dancingintheforest #coupletime #creativecouples #relationshipgoals #lovehim #autumnlove #boyfriend #couplegoals #beautifulcouple #relationship

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