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Anything is possible with sunshine☀️and a little pink!💝 ♥ When I lived in DC, I felt like I didn’t truly appreciate all the city had to offer, including hidden gems like the former @greenworksdc florist building in #georgetown! So, this time around, I made a list of all the places I wanted to visit and hit the ground running with @omnivorousmeerkat! It was 29485626 degrees outside, but exploring one of my favorite cities in an entirely new light was completely worth it. ♥ ps — to help keep my skin cool and refreshed during my summer adventures, I’ve been tossing @awakeskin in my bag for quick touch ups throughout the day. The lightweight gel serum hydrates, shrinks pores, and gives my skin the perfect glow! 💫 Swipe left to view the product 📸: @omnivorousmeerkat 🥰 #awakebeauty #bottledbeautysleep #sponsored #visitwashingtond #dcitystyle #mydccool

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Skin care videoooo 🙌🏻 Leave 💥💥💥💥 emojis if you spotted Captain America 😂 . There was so much going on in this video, between my husband's commentary "are you turning into an avatar? You look like your going to tell my fortune. Why are you putting oil on?" My daughter was singing Let it Goooo, while doing circles around me. And my son was having a battle with captain America 😂😂 . . @makeuperaser the original one! I love using this to take my makeup off, throw in the wash and reuse it again and again. ♻️♻️♻️ @globalbeautycare metallic mask trio, I used the BLUE MARINE ALGAE + EUCALYPTUS + ALOE VERA METALLIC, and DEAD SEA SALTS & MINERALS + BAKING SODA + DIAMOND METALLIC (both were nice on my face and gave a cooling effect, also left my face feeling and looking brighter! I meant to try the green one here too but will have to get to that at another time) @pixibeauty rose oil drops (love these drops when I need extra moisture, it was so necessary today) @awakeskin ray of bright moisturizer @milkmakeup kush lip balm . . . #pixibeauty #bottledbeautysleep #awakeskincare#pixiskintreats #globalbeautycare  #showmetheray#wakeupandmakeup #pixiperfect #skincare#skincareroutine #skincarevideo #1minutemakeup#makeupfeed #makeupvideoss #makeupvids#discoveringmuas #discovervideos #nomorewipes #makeuptutorial #universomakeup #makeupvideo#maryhadalittleglam #slave2beauty #muasfam#skincareinspo #makeupvideox #makeupvideosdailyx #milkmakeup momlife

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🌙 AWAKE 🌙⠀ ⠀ I don’t think I’ve ever freaked out as much as when Tarte reached out to me and wanted to send me these stunning products! I mean what a beautiful gift! Thank you so much @awakeskin 🌙⠀ ⠀ I think my favourite thing about this product launch is that Awake, is selling sleep products. It tickles my funny bone in the best way! 🌙⠀ ⠀ The mist smells like delicious lavender and definitely helps me take a couple deep breaths before hitting the pillow.⠀ ⠀ The pillowcase is pure vegan silky smoothness that helps my skin and hair glide across it when I toss and turn all night (sleepy deeply mind you) to help keep elasticity in my skin and softness in my hair. ⠀ I love the peppermint lotion roller as it is incredibly cooling from the essential oil to soothe my achy shoulder and neck muscles and helps me relax when it’s placed on my temples and shoulders! ⠀ ⠀ The lip sleeping mask is brilliant! There’s no strong taste or scent which I appreciate and it truly smothers my lips in softness and hydration so I wake up without chapped lips!⠀ ⠀ I think this collection is simply beautiful and I’m so grateful to be a part of it ❤️🌙

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I’ve been sleeping like absolute trash all summer. Who can relate? ⁣ ⁣ Enter @awakeskin, the sister skincare brand to @tartecosmetics. They sent over a few sleeping beauties to try and to⁣ be completely honest- at first I thought it was a gimmick. Hi, my name is Faith and I was wrong 🙋🏼‍♀️⁣ ⁣ 💤 Dream Mist Pillow Spray*- A few sprays of this pillow mist and I immediately relax, de-stress and calm down. It puts me straight to sleep- not even kidding, a few minutes later and I’m knocked out 🙌🏻 Due to the essential oils (which my skin hates), I spray this on the bottom of my pillow case. This way, I still get the aromatherapy effects without irritating my skin while I sleep! Oh, and it doesn’t stain either! My favorite of the bunch. ⁣ ⁣ 💤 Keep Calm and Roll On Clarity Cream*: A peppermint infused cooling and calming cream packaged conveniently in a rollerball for on the go use! I use this on my pressure points (neck & wrists) at night before going to sleep. It’s definitely aided in soothing away tension and helping me to get a better nights rest. ⁣ ⁣ 💤 Vegan Silk Pillowcase*- The first of its kind! Certainly a BIG step up from your normal pillowcase, reflected by the price ($40). This is an excellent option if you’re wanting to explore silk pillowcases, but don’t want to pay the premium. While not as soft or silky (go figure) as my @slipsilkpillowcase, it performs essentially the same functions. No more weird face crinkles in the morning, less hair breakage and considerably less breakouts. The material is slightly thicker and more durable than silk too, which might be your preference! I’m never going back.⁣ ⁣ 💤 @slipsilkpillowcase Scrunchie- I purchased a pack of 3 during the last VIB sale and I’m obsessed. My hair is super straight and nothing, NOTHING, is worse than waking up to kinks in my hair from my pony tail. Guess what? No more kinks. No more breakage. Can I get an amen? ⁣ These sleeping goodies couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve truly missed them as part of my nightly routine while on vacation (which always tells me something about how much I value a product). ⁣ ⁣ What does your sleep routine look like? Let’s chat in the comments! ⁣ 💙Faith ⁣

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Comment glowing 💫💫💫💫 emojis below if you have tried and love @pixibeauty skin care! . This is my #pixiglowstory I have tried the glow collection for a full 30 days, and the thing I notice the most is how hydrated and plump my skin feels. My face was already quite clear from acne before starting this journey, however I think that's because I've been using the Glow Tonic toner for months now! . . I have normal skin type, sometimes oily in the summer. 💫 Glow Tonic cleansing gel. I use this on a scrubby and wash my face for a full minute to remove excess dirt and gunk on my face. I like the feeling of this one, however I think I like the Rose Cleanser better out of the two! 💫 Glow Tonic toner. This is an absolute holy grail item and one I recommend to people a million times over. It balances the skin tone and keeps my face clear. 💫 Glow Tonic Serum. I am about 50/50 with this product. It definitely feels nice on the skin, but I dont care to use it daily. I feel like it's just too much in this routine so I use it every other day. But I do believe this is what has given me that plump and fresh feeling skin! 💫 Phenomenal gel moisturizer. I LOVE this moisturizer. It's so creamy rubbing into your face and dries nicely into the skin. 💫 On the Glow moisturizer bar. This was the one product I did not care for. When using it on my face I loved the glow it gave, however it did break me out really badly. So I use this on my lips and even my hair/scalp. . . . . . Not sponsored, products gifted to me by pixi beauty in pr, however all reviews and opinions are mine. #pixibeauty #bottledbeautysleep #pixiskintreats #globalbeautycare #showmetheray#wakeupandmakeup #pixiperfect #skincare#skincareroutine #skincarevideo #1minutemakeup#makeupfeed #makeupvideoss #makeupvids#discoveringmuas #discovervideos #pixiglowtonic #makeuptutorial #universomakeup #makeupvideo#maryhadalittleglam #slave2beauty #muasfam#skincareinspo #makeupvideox #makeupvideosdailyx  #momlife song: bloom by ikson

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Skin care videoooo! I popped a pimple on my cheek before filming this, also hadn't brushed my hair and I'm in my pjs 🤣🤣 totally nailing this beauty guru thing. . . Anyways, I'm using new favorites and finally trying out the @wanderbeauty Lift off mask. That was the first peel off mask that didnt hurt my face!! It did a great job of removing the gunk out of my nose pores and left my face feeling so soft. . @farmacybeauty dew it all eye cream (this stuff is amazing!!!! I notice an immediate difference in my undereyes after using this product.) Honey butter lip balm @fourthraybeauty the lightweight moisturizer (still my fav moisturizer) @neutrogena makeup remover wipes @pixibeauty Glow Tonic toner (holy grail item forever) . . . Song: stardust by ikson #skincare #peeloffmask #skincarevideo #skincaretutorial#pixi #wanderbeauty #pixibeauty #bottledbeautysleep #pixiskintreats #fourthraybeauty #showmetheray#wakeupandmakeup #pixiperfect #skincareroutine  #1minutemakeup#makeupfeed #makeupvideoss #makeupvids#discoveringmuas #discovervideos  #universomakeup #makeupvideo #neutrogina #slave2beauty #muasfam#skincareinspo #makeupvideox #makeupvideosdailyx#colorpopme #momlife

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Today's episode of Mask Monday is a Battle of the Lip Masks. . @laneigeus Lip Sleeping Mask: Classic favorite. Sweet berry scent. Applies smoothly and easily on lips. Can look shiny and goopy so can't really leave the house in this...Keeps my lips hydrated for about 2-3 hours. . @awakeskin Lip Therapy Mask*: Light raspberry scent. No spatula. Best applied after lips are exfoliated. Feels slightly sticky/tacky. Can look shiny. Keeps my lips hydrated the entire night! . @idewcare Plush Party*: Contains Vitamin C. Light sweet citrus scent. Applies like butter to the lips. Natural finish. Keeps my lips hydrated for about 2-3 hours. . Overall, the Awake mask did the best at hydration, and I love using it at night. On the otherhand, the IDewCare mask is great during the day because of its finish and feel. The cult classic Laneige surprisingly didn't perform as well as the other two. However, I love using their lip glow balms during the day for a hydrating gloss! . *NOTE: I have extremely dry, chapped, sensitive lips. . . . *gifted but thoughts my own

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Tonight I bring you a skin care video 🧖‍♀️💦🌿 Follow @kelsey93maher for more vids! . . It's so hard for me to film a skin care video. I usually I apply them in the morning or at night. But I had taken a shower late morning and saw my opportunity to apply all the products and show you what I've been loving in my routine lately! . . 💆‍♀️I have normal to oily skin. @kindkiwico Perfect Glow mask (I have been loving this mask lately! I apply it once or twice a week and have definitely noticed a difference in my skin being brighter, clearer and tight. It's also so natural too with only three ingredients!! Kanolin Clay, Blue-Green Alge, and Bentonite Clay. Leave it on for 20mins then rinse and my face just feels amazing) @awakeskin Pore Down Tightening Concentrate (this is a silicone free, gel based serum for normal to oily skin. I apply this to my cheeks, t zone and chin. It shrinks pores and sucks up excess oil and I looove it!!) @pixibeauty Rose Tonic (just like the glow tonic this one makes my skin feel amazing. If you have more sensitive skin I suggest using this one!!) @fourthraybeauty The Lightweight moisturizer (currently my fav moisturizer, not too thick for my normal skin and absorbs so quickly) . . #pixibeauty #bottledbeautysleep #awakeskincare #pixiskintreats #fourthraybeauty #showmetheray #wakeupandmakeup #pixiperfect #skincare #skincareroutine #skincarevideo #1minutemakeup #makeupfeed #makeupvideoss #makeupvids #discoveringmuas #discovervideos #claymask #makeuptutorial #universomakeup #makeupvideo #maryhadalittleglam #slave2beauty #muasfam #skincareinspo #makeupvideox #makeupvideosdailyx #colorpopme #momlife #tartecosmetics

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Happy #FriyayFaves Day (hashtag by @theglowgirl 💜) and also wanted to enter into #mhbpurplefriday (hashtag by @maggies.healthy.beauty 💜)! @tartecosmetics was kind enough to send me goodies from their sister brand, @awakeskin - which I was so excited to receive (and so late in opening up 🤦🏽‍♀️)! I never tried the brand before - so definitely happy to receive this. It was the cutest package of helpful items to encourage sleep (which I definitely need). It recently launched in @ultabeauty as of June 30. Items included: 1) Dream Mist Pillow Spray - haven’t tried this one yet, but can’t wait to! (Retails for $20) 2) Sleep is my Beauty Secret vegan pillowcase - haven’t tried this one yet. I’ll be the honest I’m a little nervous to because the last time I had used one from a different brand, I couldn’t sleep because my skin wasn’t used to sleeping on that type of fabric. I’m hoping this one will change my mind! (Retails for $40) 3) Lip Therapy Lip Mask - I’m really digging this! It reminds me of my favorite @laneigeus lip mask and I’m almost out so I’m excited to have this. It has a great blend of olive, argan, Rosehip, and raspberry seed oil that is supposed to bring out softer lips, which is working for me. I love the creamy texture upon application (Retails for $20) 4) Keep Calm and Roll On Clarity Cream - this peppermint-infused cooling and calming cream is so good. 💆🏽‍♀️ I love that it comes in this roll on tube - it makes it easier to apply to your tension areas. It reminds me of my @origins Peace of Mind On-the-Spot Relief treatment, but not as strong in scent. This would be great for mild tension or aches in neck or shoulders, etc. I hold all my tension in my shoulders, so it has been helpful there. (Retails for $16) Thank you Lauren from the Tarte and Awake team for sending this out. Gifted, but thoughts/opinions are my own. Y’all could guess I’m a light sleeper with bouts of insomnia. What type of sleeper are you? Hope y’all are catching a good amount of zzz’s 😴!

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🌴🏝𝒯𝓇𝑜𝓅𝒾𝒸𝒶𝓁 🌴🏝 #Awakegiftedme Products used 👇🏼 •Brows: @iconic.london cushion brow •Eyes: @docolorofficial tropical palette use code Ivette for a discount •Lashes: @minkmelashes style Unica use code ivette25for 25% off Prep: @awakeskin pore down tightening concentrate and balance shot antioxidant concentrate Brush: @spasciences Echo tool Foundation: @loralmakeup infallible pro glow shade 205 •Concealer: @moiracosmetics s mega water proof shade 1.75 •Powder: @toofaced born this way setting powder •Contour: @docolorofficial tropical palette •Highlight: @docolorofficial tropical palette •Lips: @liveglam.co shade pumpkin spiced latte . . . #awakebeauty #bottledbeautysleep #OctolyFamily #mexicanmuas #makeuptutorial #cutcrease #makeupartist #makeupartistworldwide #highliter #wakeupandmakeup #makeup #bhcosmetics #eyeshadow #beauty #abh #anastasiabeverllyhills #selftoughtmua #eyelooks #beauty #explorepage #morphebrushes #morphe #look #glow #mua #eyebows #instamakeup #100daysofmakeup

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Morning Skincare Routine! How's your Saturday? #awakegiftedme #firstaidbeautygiftedme A few days ago I had an allergic reaction and unfortunately my face got super flakey and textured from it (not to mention my face broke out 😭😭)! So I thought itd be fun if we did a little bit of self care today 💙 Used: @firstaidbeauty Face Cleanser, Ultra Repair BarriAir Cream #firstaidbeauty @spasciences Nova Sonic Cleansing Device @patchology FlashMasque Hydrate @awakeskin Hydra Shot Antioxidant Concentrate, Keep Calm & Roll On Clarity Cream #awakeskin #bottledbeautysleep #awakebeauty @sephora

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If you dont look like a hot mess at the end of your nighttime routine are you actually doing it right? #drbrandtgiftedme Used: @awakeskin Hydra Shot Antioxidant Concentrate, Lip Therapy Lip Mask, Keep Calm and Roll On Clarity Cream @herbivorebotanicals @herbivoreemerald emerald deep moisture glow oil with CBD @drbrandt clean biotic cleanser and Hydro biotic recovery sleeping mask #drbrandt #hydrobiotic #cleanbiotic

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