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I love working out in our home gym💪🏻 I’m glad we’ve been adding all kinds of equipment throughout these 6 years! Also, wearing comfortable clothing to workout in is a PLUS😍 Especially with all pretty colors and styles! This purple outfit is from @fabletics with their Motion365 fabric💕 This is my #ootd ❤️ Click the link in my @anagraceb bio and get 2 pairs of leggings for just 24 bucks when you become a vip member! ✨ #FableticsAmbassador

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@sarahxnutrition has helped thousands of people transform their bodies and regain their confidence! 🔥🤗 (just follow the link in her bio if you want to lose 25 pounds in a month)

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Hold your head up my friends ≫≫

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Throw-back from 2015 to Now 2020 #sojazzaye My transformation started when I: 1. Stop Using heat by straightening my hair 2. Got my first curl cut 3. Deep conditioning more often 4. Finger Coiling to train my curls 5. Using the right curly hair products . . . My tips to a healthy hair journey 🌀😊 #curlyhairjourney #transformation #throwbackthursday #beforeandafter #fingercoil #healthycurls #curlybeauties #curlyhair #curlygirl #naturalcurlyhair #curlynaturalhair #curlynatural #texturedhair #naturalchix #naturalcurls #curlycommunity #hairgoals #healthynaturalhair #naturalhairjourney #tbt

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#transformation the power of makeup, highlight and contour.. my next IGTV tutorial will be up today! Do you guys like before and after?? ********************************************* #transformação o poder da maquiagem, contorno e luz... meu próximo tutorial do IGTV vai estar no ar hoje, dessa maquiagem. Vocês gostam de antes e depois? #makeup #beforeandafter #antesedepois #maquiagem #contouring #highlight #sombraeluz #wakeupandmakeup #nyxcosmetics #catharinehill

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One of my biggest insecurities has always been my legs. I have always hated the way they looked. I am 5’2 and ended up weighing 354 pounds on the left. I put a lot of weight in my legs. . I didn’t realize how much progress my legs have made and especially with this last challenge I did they really made a huge change and i lost a lot of inches. This goes to #trusttheprocess sometimes we don’t think we’re making progress but we are. After comparing these two together it really opened my eyes. . I didn’t take many pictures showing my legs but I ended up learning to love myself the way I was even at 354 pounds I was confident. I was celebrating my birthday and wanted to rock a fatkini but we had some malfunction going on so I rocked this one piece on the beach. . Idk about y’all but I’m ready for all the craziness to be over and hopefully for my birthday this year I can rock a #bikini on some blue water not Galveston water lol. #transformationthursday

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Uma foto pra vcs acharem que tenho passado a quarentena assim 💄✨

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