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🚨 Stiff Joints? Try this routine! 🚨 — — 🤗This routine hits the hips, spine, wrists, knees, ankles and shoulders- that’s a lot of different areas with just 1 routine. — 🤗No fancy moves here, just some basic fundamentals which will give you a ton of BANG for your BUCK, especially if you are short on time. — — 1️⃣ 90/90 backwards lean + forwards lean 2️⃣ Segments Cat / Cow 3️⃣ Quadruped to Down Dog Toe Taps 4️⃣ Loaded Ankle Dorsiflexion 5️⃣ Groin Rock Back with Thoracic Rotation — — 🔥All it takes is 10 -20 minutes a day to take care of your joints! Doing this routine consistently will really make a difference in how you move and how you feel! So give it a try and let me know what you think!!!🔥 — — — 💯Tag someone who could use more mobility! ❤️ Like & save if you found this helpful! ⬇️Post questions or comments below!⬇️ — — — #lowbackpain #controlyourself #stretch #stretchingmovement #mobilityflow #swoleandflexy #mobility #shouldermobility #hipmobility #spinemobility

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💃🏻 Spine & Hip Mobility Work 🕺🏻 — — 🎈Even if you don’t notice any of the symptoms, it never hurts to get more mobility, especially in the spine & hips. — — 1️⃣ Sidelying Thoracic Rotation with Foam Roller 2️⃣ 90/90 Forward Lean into Pigeon Lean 3️⃣ Quadruped Segmental Cat / Camel 4️⃣ Tactical Frog with Hip IR Lift Offs — — 🗝Give this routine a try & do each movement 10-20 times. This should take you less than 10 mins! — — — #mobility #mobilityflow #animalflow #hipmobility #clinicalathlete #spinemobility #thoracicmobility #lowbackpain #backpain #hippain

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🔥 Low Back Strengthening for Weightlifters 🔥 — — 👉I teamed up with @ironathleteproject to bring you some of our favorite exercises for strengthening the low back. — — — 🔑 Doing a variety of exercises that hit different angles will allow you to become stronger, well-rounded, symmetrical and an overall better athlete! Plus, these are the types of exercises that make you more resilient and less prone to injuries!!! — — 1️⃣ Back Extensions on GHD (can also lay over a stability ball and put your feet on the wall or have someone hold your feet!) 2️⃣ Barbell Good Morning 3️⃣ Barbell Zercher RDL’s 4️⃣ Barbell Shovel Deadlifts — — — We recommend picking a couple of these to add into your workouts 2-3 times a week! — — 💯Tag someone who could use these exercises! ❤️ Like and save if you found it helpful! ⬇️Post questions or comments below!⬇️ — — @clinicalathlete #clinicalathlete #powerlifting #olympicweightlifting #lowbackstrength #lowbackpainrelief #strongwomen #girlswithmuscles #girlswithmuscle #strongnotskinny #lowbackpain

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UPPER BACK PAIN⁉️ - The mid to upper back has a natural kyphosis to it. That means it’s mildly rounded. But since our life has so many of us leaning forward into bad posture, that mild curve turns into a big curve. And that leads to lacking the ability to extend backward or fully rotate because of it 🙇🏻‍♂️ - This can often times cause aching pain and limited motion through the upper back. Combining these thoracic mobility exercises in with some postural re-education and exercise can go a long way for decreasing that annoying back pain 👊🏻 - The exercises you see completed above are thoracic extensions, supine pec stretch, and cat camel with a banded cue! These movements help pull my shoulders back and mobilize the upper spine 🔍 - During these exercises take time to breathe deeply and spend time in the end range of the motion. Complete 10-15 repetitions for each of the above exercises for a great thoracic mobility exercise 💥💥💥 - Tag a friend who needs work on their posture👇🏻 - FIT: @balancearhletica SHIRT: Prospect Tee SHORT:Prime Shorts

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CRYSTALS FOR series... BACK PAIN. If you’ve ever suffered from chronic back pain then you know it’s no joke and will do just about anything to relieve it. Try carrying these crystals with you, sleep with them by your bed and/ or have someone place them on your back while you’re lying on your stomach. . . Credit @cornishcrystals on Etsy! . . . . . #healingjourney #healingcrystals #healingwithcrystals #crystals #crystalhealing #crystalgrid #crystalgrids #crystalgridhealing #witchesofinstagram #witchyvibes #witchywellness #witchythings #witchy #witchywoman #witchystuff #witchyways #witchylife #paganwitch #shamanicwitch #witches #backpain #chronicbackpain #crystalsforbackpain

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Shoulder Robustness ⤵️ .⏩ Follow @backpainaid for daily backpain/sciatica exercises & tips📚 . Great post by @dr.samspinelli . ❤️Tag a friend in the comments who is looking for some shoulder robustness help! . 🙌If you’re looking for more shoulder range overhead, this is a series for you! It focuses on active motion to achieve the positions and aspects of overhead reaching to maximize your opportunity for better positioning overhead. . 🤟This series of movements I’ve found to be really successful for a lot of people to use and work on before training to offer more opportunity for range of motion and comfort in different positions. . 👌These aren’t magical moves that you should invest a lot of time in. Most training days I’ll some derivative of them for 1-2 sets of 5-10 reps and move on to the bigger compound movements where I’m looking to try and make a longer lasting change. . 👟 The shoes are VIVOBAREFOOT - use SPINELLI10 for 10% off your order . You can get fitness programming I help make through @CitizenAthletics1 . You can get rehab programs I help make through @E3Rehab . 🎊These are not secret drills or techniques, just some options to help inspire people to move more and live a higher quality life. ❗️This is not medical advice #CitizenAthletics #E3Rehab

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⏩ Follow @backpainaid for daily backpain/sciatica exercises & tips📚 . • • • • • ✔Squat Deeper with a Neutral Spine✔ A great post by @docdavesong . Follow 👉 @docdavesong for high quality content Follow 👉 @docdavesong for high quality content . ✔Getting into a deep squat is a great idea to develop leg and hip strength in a fuller range of motion. However, it just isn't worth it if you aren't able to hold a strong position through the spine as 1) Your lifts will not be as optimal in terms of loads lifted and 2) You potentially may injure yourself depending on your programming. Some common compensation patterns that I notice in people trying to squat deep is Butt Winking (excessive flexion/curling of the lumbar spine) or Hyperlordosis (excessive arching/extension through the lumbar spine). Sometimes these patterns may be due to limited mobility in the ankles & hips BUT it may just be about technique. Today we'll go over some drills to build good technique . ➡️Hip Hinge to Squat - This exercise really challenges your ability to hold a neutral spine in deep hip flexion angles - the goal is to uncouple movements in these two regions. If either of your contact points lift off during the movement you are likely flexion or extending the spine . ➡️Banded Squat Pulldowns - The aim of this exercise is to use the hip flexors to dynamically move you into a deep squat while your core is used to maintain a neutral spine - this helps to uncouple the function of these adjacent muscle groups. Great to do for those who have a reliance on the hip flexors to stabilize the spine . ➡️Deep Squat to Knee Taps - This exercise aims to get you comfortable sitting in the 'hole of a squat'. Hold a neutral spine during the entire movement to pattern your movement . . . Tag your friends & family that NEED this! ➖➖➖➖➖ #skwats #romwod #sbd #squatbenchdeadlift #squats

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[ LOW BACK PAIN ] --- Let's talk more lumbar spine. In today's post, I'm going to be talking through a program I've got one of my clients working through. He's dealing with some acute low back pain, with an end goal of returning back to training without pain, and hopefully decreasing risk of future injury. Notice how I didn't say prevention? It seems like a lot of people who DM me with problems want to PREVENT issues from happening. To be fully honest, if anyone tells you that they are going to prevent you from ever being injured or having pain again, I'd run in the opposite direction. Injury prevention and risk reduction are distinctly different. Beyond that, actually quantifying risk reduction is an immensely difficult task. We'd all like to think that we what we're doing for programming actually decreases our risk, but to be objective it's quite difficult to actually know by how much, if at all, we are. I think the whole risk reduction spectrum is important to talk about, especially for the uninitiated to really set expectations properly. There is no program out there that can zero out risk. But the good news is in the majority of cases, they will resolve on a long enough time line. Find ways to keep training, moving, and working towards your own goals. Rest is not an effective long term strategy. Now accepting new patients 💬  - in person and remote online consultations. (bit.ly/RehabWithNick) or just click the link in my bio 𝐍𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐇𝐞𝐥𝐭𝐨𝐧 @Dr.Nick.DPT #HealthStrengthSpine

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🚨FULL BODY MOBILITY FLOW🚨 ⏩ Follow @backpainaid for daily backpain/sciatica exercises & tips📚 . Great post by @dr.giardina.dpt . 🟦 Feeling stiff or achy, warming up to train, or winding down from a long, stressful day? Give these exercises a try. No equipment needed. Just you, a floor, and 5-10 min. - 🟩 Many times I recommend full body mobility training over single joint movements as the body is a kinetic chain. If motion is lacking at one joint, an adjacent joint may be stressed leading to injury. - 👉🏼 SWIPE LEFT to see an example of a full-body warm-up flow by @alexhipwell: . 🔹Walk Out + Push-Up 🔹Down-Dog Into Cobra 🔹Scorpion Chest Stretch 🔹Low Lunge Rotation w/ Pass Through 🔹Deep Squat Into Forward Fold Hamstring Stretch - 🟥 TAG AND SHARE WITH FRIENDS ON THIS MOBILITY MONDAY 🟥

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