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Sharing another card from the Twin Flames 11:11 Oracle Card App ❤️❤️🔥🔥 Today’s message is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT... . . “Dear one, we know you have been concerned about a particular situation. . . We are reaching through with the message that everything is OK. You can relax, your fears about this situation have been unfounded.💌✨ . . Fear has distorted your perspective, or the information you have received has not been accurate. Something is not as it has seemed. 👁🌙✨ . Please draw back your energy to the present moment and do your best to relax.🕉💡 . . Set the intention that you neutralize any negative projections you have made into the future - and any time you feel yourself worrying, state: “Cancel, clear and transmute it”.✅💎 . . The spiritual truth is that your intentions and focus affect your experiences, so do your best to stay in a positive state of mind and energy to attract more love and happiness into your life🦋💕.” . . {{❗️Try the app free now for Android or Apple👁🗝✨Plus, get a FREE Energy Clearing for Twin Flames - you can find both at link in bio or go to twinflames1111.com/blog ❗️ }}

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☀︎ sunny citrine is definitely the stone for today! 🌞 the crystal of creativity, its yellow glow brings with it the energy of the sun. let it open you up, and keep you on the path you're supposed to tread ☀︎ . ☀︎ link in bio ~ astraldesire.com ☀︎

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BEN.BU.FİLME.AŞIĞIM —şarkı: panic room —film: harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban —————- #harrypotter #hp #harrypotterandtheprisonerofazkaban #hpatpoa #danielradcliffe #emmawatson #rupertgrint #panicroom #aura

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♥︎ as with other beautiful rose toned stones, pink opal connects with the heart charka and opens it up to invite love into your life. not just love from others, but love for yourself. . helping to deal with past traumas, pink opal can be a calming presence is anyone’s life ♥︎ . ♥︎ link in bio ~ astraldesire.com ♥︎

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