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fellas from the lighthouse 🌝🦞🐚 ALSO AVAILABLE AS PRINTS on my storenvy #thelighthouse #thelighthousemovie #ephraimwinslow #thomaswake #robertpattinson #willemdafoe #ipadart #procreate #dozerdraws

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This masterfully animated 🍣 scene from #WesAnderson’s #IsleofDogs was shot in EIGHT MONTHS!! - Rate this movie out of 10 🐾 For more fun facts, follow @cinephile.club ! 🎟️

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After seeing the two killing it on screen together in ‘The Lighthouse’, many fans are calling for Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe to reunite as Batman and the Joker in ‘The Batman’. For quite a while, Dafoe's name has come up often with DC fans discussing dream casting options for the Joker, and he has been depicted in the role many times with fan art. Now that Pattinson will be playing the next Batman, however, the idea of Dafoe playing the next Joker is once again picking up steam, as fans feel the ‘Lighthouse’ reunion makes the casting that much more perfect. 🎬 Link in bio. https://go.movieweb.com/2SWx0dT

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For this scene from #TheLighthouse, #RobertPattinson walked into the ocean 25 TIMES!! IN NOVA SCOTIA. IN MARCH. 🥶 - Rate this movie out of 10🧜‍♀️ For more fun facts, follow @cinephile.club! 👈

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Thrilled to be working towards a small part of ‘The Northman’ movie alongside a talented creative team 😊🤞🏻🎞 • With American film director Robert Eggers & choreographer Marie-Gabrielle Rotie 📽 • #thenorthmanfilm #choreography #roberteggers #nicolekidman #alexanderskarsgard #billskarsgard #theskarsgårdbrothers #willemdafoe #anyataylorjoy

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#WillemDafoe spent a week living in #TheFloridaProject filming area before production in order to immerse himself in the life of the characters & master the nuances of the regional dialect. 🏨

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