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I should‘ve hugged you tighter the last time I saw you.

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And here they are!! Our beautiful caracal kittens all loved up 💕

13 hours ago 121
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I’m more than a mere-cat 😽

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Last week i gathered up all my courage to do a cleanse lol. My thoughts— pretty yum berry drink that did it’s job keeping me full for the day. Def helped me with bloating and kind of ‘reset’ my body after a week of eating not so clean. I like how it’s portable & comes in packets so i can choose to do it whenever i need a little pick me up, keen to do this again if i have another bad eating week (lockdown) or post lockdown after a trip ✨

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the calm before the storm 🌦 this is my happy place - the cool wind right before the rain, clouds rolling in. the rain is coming in LA amongst the other “storms” we are weathering. for me, it’s helpful to remember that chaos has an eye, a center, a place where you are safe. I feel like I am the center, the calm - the safe place is within me. Where is your safe place right now? 💗

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