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🙌🏻🔥What do you guys think of it?! Visit their website to request your own custom trailer. Link in my bio! 🏎 @NeedforSpeed #SponsoredbyEA

7 months ago 343
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Didn’t get the uni experience but my Sim will @thesims #ts4discoveruniversity #sponsoredbyea link in bio @benrealvsworld

7 months ago 1K
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I made it to Miami! Thank you for having me at the @eamaddennfl #EASportsbowl #suchfun #SponsoredbyEA

4 months ago 437
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I pranked my mom for an entire week😂 This zombie prank was inspired by the new holiday theme in Plants vs Zombies: Battle For Neighborville! Check out the awesome new game on all consoles🔥 #SponsoredByEA #PvZBfN

6 months ago 825
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eu sempre quis ser líder de torcida em universidades, porém nasci com um total de 0 talentos rs por isso vou aproveitar que a nova extensão do The Sims é “Vida Universitária” para fazer isso possível. Desafio meu bff @RaonyP a criar uma Lilian Melchert universitária. CAPRICHA AÍ, AMIGO, TENHO GRANDES EXPECTATIVAS. O resultado vai sair no canal dele, JÁ TO ANSIOSA HUHU #sponsoredbyEA #TheSims4 #TS4DiscoverUniversity

7 months ago 2K
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Amazing to spend time with the FIFA 20 cover star!! Big thanks to @easportsfifa !! Congrats @virgilvandijk ! ❤️ #FIFA20 http://x.ea.com/59260 #SponsoredByEA

11 months ago 154
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oi nenes, deixa eu perguntar rapidão: o que você querem que a universitária Lilian Melchert apronte no The Sims Vida Universitária? Melhor comentário vira VÍDEO no canal do @raonyp Me alimentem com memes pfv QUE OS JOGOS COMECEM EM 3, 2 foi #sponsoredbyEA #TheSims4 #TS4DiscoverUniversity

6 months ago 1K
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Happy St. Paddy’s week my people’s 🥳 big ups to @easportsfifa for kitting your boy out with this cold special edition paddy’s day kit 🥶 and for featuring ‘JyellowL fc’ on the featured squad battle game mode on FUT ⚽️ if you’re bad, play us on ultimate difficulty and send snaps 😂 team is world class I must warn you. Bad boy striker like Robo @callumrobinson37 up top to represent 🇮🇪 yes I started Pogba ahead of De jong don’t @me 🤦🏾‍♂️while you’re here listen to ‘On The Estate’ in the link in my bio 👐🏾 #jyellowl #jyellowlfc #sponsoredbyea #easportsfifa #ad #fut #ontheestate #fifa20

3 months ago 96
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It’s no secret that The Sims has a huge place in my heart, but why exactly do I play it? Proud to be #SponsoredbyEA #PLAYWITHLIFE #ad @thesims For me The Sims is about creativity, connecting with people from across the world and a way to relax and unwind. What is The Sims to you? 😊💕

11 months ago 18
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Who’s copping this when it releases in October? 👀🔥@battlefield #battlefield #battlefieldv #SponsoredbyEA

2 years ago 16K
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toda descabelada mas é de felicidade: tô aqui em londres cobrindo o sims camp! #simscamp #ts4rumoafama #sponsoredbyEA 💚

2 years ago 314
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🔥 Rate this save from 1-10 🔥 & watch the new #thegroundbreakers story from @easportsfifa 📺 Full Film on @copa90 💪🏼⚽️ #ad #sponsoredbyea

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