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sass & some bed head

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Considering all the new friends around here, I thought I would re-introduce myself. I’m Dr. Scherina, a pediatric, prenatal and family wellness Chiropractor. I focus on and utilize a practice style called Network Spinal which works directly with your parasympathetic nervous system - this is why a lot of my posts and stories are focused on how stress negatively impacts your body and the fact that we DON’T have to live in a state of fight or flight. I also post a lot of photos of my beautiful baby boy, Ayven and that is because being a mama has been such an incredible and eye-opening journey as I’m sure it is for every mama. I’m here to share ways I live a chemical-free, natural, and sustainable lifestyle - I’ll tag some of my favorite everyday natural products for hair, skin and makeup. My hope is that all of you will think for yourself and be your own health advocate and not just do what I or anyone else does. That may mean uncomfortable subjects and conversations about health and well-being - but where has there ever been growth in comfort? I pour my heart and soul into my practice, @iwcfamchiropractic where I hope to continuously empower my community to take control of their health and have the best understanding of their body. Staying true to my mission and heart, the universe has sent me an incredible team and family that continues to grow together which I am forever grateful for. I’ve been witnessing lives change since 2017 through chiropractic care and I’m just getting started🙌🏽

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Patient: “My gums bleed so I avoid brushing or flossing”🙅‍♀️ ⚠️THIS IS A COMMON MISCONCEPTION!⚠️ Patients often think that if their gums are inflamed/bleeding, then brushing and flossing will further irritate their gums.🚫 📢This is false! Bleeding gums are typically a sign of early #GumDisease ...brushing and flossing your gums GENTLY are actually among the best things you can do (along with visiting your dentist office for a check up and professional cleaning.) This is because #brushing and #flossing helps to remove the bacteria 🦠 that can exacerbate gum disease. If your gums are crying out for help 🩸 please, please do NOT stop brushing & flossing.🙏🏽 Instead, amp up your brush/floss combo and schedule a dental appointment. Your gums will thank you!🦷 Spread the word!✨

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TGIF 🙌🏼✨ I’ve been feeling passionate these days 🔥 I just helped three of my good friends purchase their first home, and knowing that they are HAPPY and excited for this lifestyle change truly brings me joy 🏡❤️ And I want to do more! Who do you know that has a goal to buy their first home this year? 🤔 Let’s work 📲👨🏽‍💻 Buy Sell Invest 🏡💰 [email protected]

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Haircut done for the students a few years ago at Ruben’s Five Star Academy 🌴💈💅🏼Now Enrolling, for more information contact us at @rubens5staracademy Financial Aid is also available. • 💈Faded Fresh Barbershop Walk-Ins are always welcomed at either location. • 🏔Colorado (720)-503-8663 🌴Florida (863)-241-7622 • #FadedFresh #rubensfivestaracademy #denver #florida #thewave #denverbarber #coloradobarber #lakewales #orlandobarbershop #orlandobarber #sacramentobarber #fade #faded #beard #menstyle #orlando #haircut #barber #barbershop #milehighcity #barberschool #hair #art #hairstyle

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Hey 📸 " Distraída " Com minha #t-shirt favorita🧡💯

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living in a fantasy ✨ . thank you all SO much for 5k 💗 I started this account during my first CP 2 years ago not knowing if I’d keep it going after, and I’m so glad I did. I moved down to Orlando again last fall for another CP and have been here since! I love sharing my Disney adventures (sometimes non-Disney too) and have met some of my best friends through this account! I so appreciate you all for following along and can’t wait to keep sharing the magic 💫 . I’m going to be doing a giveaway soon and I’m SO excited for this one, so stay tuned hehe 😋 . 📷 @alexmophoto

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Just a couple of first years exploring Diagon Alley 💫 . . . We were so excited to run around Diagon Alley and cast spells this past weekend! And we got to grab this photo-op in front of Gringotts too! With less people in the park, it feels so much more immersive and we couldn’t wait to grab a few butter beers and soak up all the magic! 🌟 . . . Since we’re still newbies to @universalorlando, let us know your favorite places and things to do in the parks! We’d love to check them out on our next visit ✨ . . . Hogwarts House masks from @kelseybrianneco! Be sure to use DAILYDOSE10 at checkout to save some 💸 . . . #universalstudios #universal #universalstudiosorlando #universalorlando #orlandoflorida #harrypotter #wizardingworldorlando #wizardingworldhollywood #wizardingworld #themepark #annualpassholder #wizardingworldofharrypotter #styledbymagic #loveorlando #letyourselfwoah #orlando #parkbound

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