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Good morning, Happy Monday🌞! I hope Kookies make you as happy as they make me😁🙏🏼💗🍪.. and they make me even happier when you enjoy them!! LOVE TO ALL OF YOU, thank you for supporting my small business and becoming my friends too, #KyKyKookies family, I appreciate every single one of you!!💗🙏🏼🍪 .. .. To Order — WWW.KYKYKOOKIES.COM (shop link in bio) 💗🍪 #EatKookies

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#QuarantineFifteen 😬🤷🏼‍♀️💗🍪. .. Reminder to get your orders in tonight by 11:59pm to be guaranteed delivery this week💗🍪, as always, shipments go out early in the week to ensure that there are no weekend delays!🥰🙏🏼 LOVE YOU ALL, THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING SUPPORT!! .. .. To Order — WWW.KYKYKOOKIES.COM #KyKyKookies #StaySafe #EatKookies

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GIVEAWAY🥳💗🍪 .. Win an assortment of #KyKyKookies.. flavours of your choice! Winner will receive a gift card so you get to choose! .. Giveaway: 💜 LIKE THIS PHOTO 💛 TAG A FRIEND IN THE COMMENTS 💚 FOLLOW @KYKYKOOKIES . 🤍 Tag away, share to your story, the more individual comment tags, more opportunities to win! .. Keeping my weekly giveaway promises! 🍪Winner will be selected on Sunday — 🇨🇦Canada wide☺️💗🙏🏼. . Giveaway is not associated with Instagram. .. Thank you for all of your support my amazing Kookie Lovers, I love you right back! Please stay healthy and safe! 💗🍪 #OnlineBakeshop #DeliveredtoYourDoor #EatKookies

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Get your #KyKyKookies for the long weekend!💗🍪 if you are local and do not require shipping, you can pickup your Kookies tomorrow evening to enjoy them over the long weekend, or have them delivered (locally) this weekend!!💗🍪 pickup options on website.. you must order by tonight at 11:59pm to receive Kookies for the weekend — once again, this is for orders that select pickup or do not require shipping (local deliveries will be delivered). .. .. keep on reading.. I will be having a FLASH SALE TODAY. Get 10% OFF bakers assortment packs — WWW.KYKYKOOKIES.COM (shop link in bio)💗🍪 .. and can we just take a moment to appreciate this AMAZING SHOT captured by Kookie lover @callaisfoodcraze 😍💗🍪👌🏼 WOW! .. #EatKookies #FlashSale #SupportSmallBusiness #ShopLocalCanada

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I like big cookies and I cannot lie! Thanks @kykykookies for the delivery. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #myfoodadventures ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #tastethesix #torontoeats #torontofood #foodie #foodlove #yyzeats #yyzfoodies #yyzfood #toeats #tofood #tastetoronto #cravethe6ix #kykykookies #onlinebakeshop #stayhome #cookiesofinstagram #cookiestack

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KOOKIES N KREAM is back🤩🥳💗🍪 — many requests, who’s fav Kookie is Kookies n’ Kream?!👌🏼💗🍪 #KyKyKookies .. .. Order by tonight at 11:59pm to get your Kookies delivered this week💗🍪 .. WWW.KYKYKOOKIES.COM #EatKookies

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FREE KOOKIES!💗🍪 Giveaway🥰 .. Okay fam, I think it’s time we do another Kookie GIVEAWAY💗🍪🙌🏼. This is my way to say THANK YOU for your ongoing love and support, I truly wish that I could give free Kookies to all of you, I love you all!!!💗🙏🏼 .. Giveaway: 💜 LIKE THIS PHOTO 💛 TAG A FRIEND IN THE COMMENTS 💚 FOLLOW @KYKYKOOKIES 🤍 Tag away, share to your story, the more individual comment tags, more opportunities to win! .. 🍪Winner will be selected on Easter (this Sunday💗🐣🙏🏼), and will receive an assortment pack of 4 of KyKy’s most popular current Kookie flavours! Canada wide, you must have a Canadian shipping address to win, winner will be shipped their Kookies this coming week☺️💗🙏🏼. . Giveaway is not associated with Instagram. .. Thank you Kookie Lovers, I love you right back! #KyKyKookies 💗🍪 #StayHome #SocialDistance #DeliveredtoYourDoor #EatKookies .. THANK YOU ALL💗 I appreciate your support and will be doing giveaways for free Kookies often as a thank you! Next one.. coming soon so stay tuned! @littletfitness — plz DM me your shipping information🙏🏼🍪

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If you can’t throw a party, you might as well eat a party🤷🏼‍♀️🥳💗🍪.. Birthday Kake is a guaranteed Party in your mouth😍🤤🍪🎉 .. .. Locals: get your orders in to have your KyKy Kookies for this weekend! Curbside pickup or local delivery💗🍪 . To Order — WWW.KYKYKOOKIES.COM #KyKyKookies #EatKookies

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Because it’s Friday🥳 KOOKIE BARS are up on the site! This week only💅🏼 .. Order yours now — WWW.KYKYKOOKIES.COM (link in bio)💗 #KyKyKookies

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Hey Kookie Lovers! Serious question, who wants Karrot Kake to become a permanent flavour?🙋🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️💗🥕🍪 .. . WWW.KYKYKOOKIES.COM — delivered to your door or curbside pickup #KyKyKookies #EatKookies 💗🍪

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