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“Blossom by blossom the spring begins.” - Algernon Charles Swinburne ~ Here are a few blooms I snapped just before lockdown - aren’t they lovely? What’s your favourite thing about spring? I think mine is the longer days! 🌸

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“The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself.” - Wallace Stevens ~ Another photo from my archive, this one was taken from @nationalmuseumsscotland’s roof terrace ✨ Not much to report from my end, hope you’re all well!

8 days ago 59
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{ Grützmacher Hof } // It looks like a very peaceful corner of Lübeck, doesn’t it? The truth behind this pic is that it was so windy and rainy that my umbrella was completely useless and pressing the shutter button trying not to get the camera completely wet has been a real struggle. Who can relate?

13 days ago 42
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Sunrise over the Andaman Sea

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Looking forward to the days when my mornings will start with views like this.

2 days ago 28
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“One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”b- Henry Miller ~ Hello folks, here’s another photo from my archive! I’ve always admired these beautiful buildings beside Dean Bridge ☺️

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“When we walk into a grove of trees or under an open sky, the magic of nature takes over and the heaviness of life lifts just a little” - Natassja Cassinerio ~ First of all, a warm welcome to all the lovely people who have come over from @hiddenscotland’s post, thanks for following along! Second, this photo is from January 2016 and I vividly remember being partially soaking wet and freezing after climbing the Pentlands in the snow, and warming up in the Steading while eating a bowl of chips - it was such a fun day though! 🥰

7 days ago 24
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“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” - Dr. Seuss ~ I’ve been thinking over what to write as this caption for a good 10 minutes and I’m not further forward so all I’ll say is wherever you are, I hope you have a nice a weekend despite all that’s going on ❤️

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This Circuit Breaker won’t be a walk in the park. But if we could all behave responsibly and do our part and #StayHome, we will get through this. #SGUnited #hellofrom #VisitSingapore #LetsExploreSG #GardensByTheBay . . . . . . . . . . . #chasinglight #shadowplay #visualambassadors #fatalframes #voyaged #theimaged #hbouthere #jordhammondsundays #ongooglemaps #travelawesome #hiddengems #travelandleisure #discoverearth #earthfocus #earthpix #livingdestinations #lookinguparchitecture #skyhigharchitecture.

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