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A season to fall in love with 🍁 This photo is actually two photos combined! When I was in Lake Country @christinaloewen and I cut hearts into a few leaves and tried to shoot while holding the leaves up to the camera. It was so tricky getting the right composition so we ended up giving up 😆. Later on I decided to try to combine one of the leaf “frame” photos we took with an old fall photo from Toronto using photoshop and it turned out great! Making a leaf heart frame is such a creative & fun fall photo idea. If you’re looking for more fall photoshoot ideas head to the link in my bio, I’ve got a blog post up with 20 of them! 🍁

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"I notice autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature." 🍂📷: @ithagram

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Trouver de nouvelles associations avec d’anciennes pièces 🤎 •Blouse #mademoiselled •Short #sezane #sezanelovers •Sac #sezane •Cuissardes #jonak #jonakgirls

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Norvegia? No, Valle d'Aosta! E se hanno chiamato questa diga 'Diga di Beauregard' (letteralmente, diga dal bello sguardo) un motivo ci sarà... ❤️ #autumn #fall #nature #instanature #mountains #alps #instamountains #landscape #aostavalley #valledaosta #lovevda #ilikeitaly 📷 @valentina.verdoia

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Automnal corners - Nantucket, Massachusetts, 🇺🇸 . . . Follow @travel.lives 🤩 Follow @travel.lives 🤩 Follow @travel.lives 🤩 . . . . 📷 @kjp

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Enjoying sunny Friday from the most iconic view of Zürich 🦋dress: @ramybrook Ph. @lucyragni🇨🇭 #ootd #zurich #dress #fall #autumn #fashion #style

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When u get purrrtty nails 🤎 And that autumn vibe 🍂🍁 • Nails @martabozga 💅🏽

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The colors of Fall in Rhode Island 🍃🍂🍁 While many of the northern states in New England garner most of the leaf peeping attention, it’s easy to forget that southern New England has fantastic foliage as well! Rhode Island may be the most underrated Fall destination in the region, but it rarely disappoints! There’s still some fantastic color to be found, so get out there this weekend before it’s too late!

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