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Sunday funday😝 📷: @cirefotography

6 months ago 79
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Luxe black lace puts a sultry spin on romance. Meet your new must-haves. #FLLforVS @forloveandlemons

9 months ago 2K
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Stunning lace, sumptuous knits, dreamy pastels. Some things bring out the best in each other. #FLLforVS @forloveandlemons

7 months ago 3K
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Always Brunch ready - Celebrating @forloveandlemons x @victoriassecret luncheon 🌹 #FLLforVS

9 months ago 197
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Sunshine yellow = instant happiness. Staycation, anyone? @forloveandlemons #FLLforVS

12 days ago 316
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Dreamy sheer mesh and embroidery—a compelling combination. #FLLforVS @forloveandlemons

9 months ago 2K
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The collection you've been waiting for–you won't want to miss this... #FLLforVS

9 months ago 311
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Let’s get lost 🙈

5 months ago 58
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Romantic floral lace in juicy hues. It’s time for a spring awakening. @forloveandlemons #FLLforVS

4 months ago 696
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Bra, panty and garter: three-of-a-kind wins every time. #FLLforVS @forloveandlemons

8 months ago 2K
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Back details as romantic as the front. #FLLforVS @forloveandlemons

8 months ago 2K
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Do not disturb. Currently lost in thought about how much we love this lingerie… #FLLforVS @forloveandlemons

9 months ago 672