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Vintage solid handmade brass Vase made in India H - 8 inch, W - 4 inch, narrowest portion 1 inch, opening at top 2 inch Pair of vintage brass fluted Vases etched by hand. Also made in India ($25 for the set)

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Our amazing mustard is now available at the Crossroads Tuck Shop near Sheppard Ave E and the 404 in Toronto! #thebestmustard #availableat

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Homemade shrimp ceviche, perfectly paired with toastado & chifles (also called plantain or banana chips) 🥰🥰

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Halloween 🎃

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The struggle✊ you are in today🏅is developing👅 the strength💪you need for tomorrow 🌓

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•Price 599C$ •Dm for more info and pictures. Message for order👉🏽+18198054706 •UNR💎CLOTHING⚡️[unr-015] #moncler #monclerjacket #monclercoat #canadagoose #ovo #channel #louisvuitton

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Thinking about getting some support? Here are 3 tips to choose the right person for you! 💡Give them a call ~ most professionals will have a free consultation. Use this time to ask important questions 💡 Ask people you know who are already in #therapy, they may have #tips or important information you didn’t think of 💡Do a #google search around the differences between the services a #socialworker #psychotherapist #psychologist and #psychiatrist .This is an important part of choosing based on your level of need. Quick FAQ about Registered Social Workers ( ME 👋) ✔️ Regulated by the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers ✔️ Hold a Masters of Social Work ✔️ Can conduct several therapy approaches and assessments ✔️focus on biological, psychological and social determinants of individual challenges ✔️offers perspectives that alleviates individual from being the root cause of their problems ✔️ Covered by most employee benefit plans For more tips, visit under the “virtual therapy” tab to learn more #selfcare #selflove #therapy #socialworker #mentalwellness #mentalhealth #chooseyourtherapist #tipsandtricks #information #gta #toronto #covidsupport

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