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I am no replacement for his momma, but Maeus is doing ok.

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Congratulations to San Diego Christian Colleges' own, Ivan Smith and Chris Papa! Your 2020 ITA Men's Doubles National Champions!!! Way to make us proud!!! #talonsup #itacup

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My plant momma neighbor @r.phrommala had this awesome idea of a window planter shelf and I'm in love with it. Even though I did need help installing it (Big thanks to my husband @jlgentry and her husband @alanphrommala), I would still consider this a woodworking beginner's project because you don't really need any power tools except for a drill. It always makes me happy when I help a friend execute a vision. I definitely had fun and learned a lot in the process 😍 #diy #diyproject #woodworking #plants #plantshelfie #hangingplanter #plantmom #plantsofinstagram #bohostyle #ropeshelf

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Friends & formals go hand in hand❤️ #ztadowntowndisco

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Congratulations to the Moss’!! It was the most beautiful wedding and Ella was just breath taking!! Brett you are one lucky man!! Congratulations and I wish y’all a life time of love and happiness!! 👰🏼🤵🏼💍💕

3 days ago 3
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New pine straw added to Rotary Park!

8 hours ago 1
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And that’s on leg day period💁🏽‍♀️

3 days ago 11
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Spooky season formal

3 days ago 8
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what’s poppin

3 days ago 24
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Singles Champs 💪🏆🎾

3 days ago 2
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What a fun night! We enjoyed celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs. Brett Moss! 🤍 Congrats Ella and Brett!

4 days ago 3