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🌉Sitting on the oldest bridge in Australia 🌉

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Me want travel

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This lucky girl somehow has the sweetest boyf 💗

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the girls 🥰

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Australia’s oldest bridge 🌉🇦🇺

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🌪☀️ 📸: @ashtonchew225

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I received a really nice message from a lovely lady named Stef Bazan @picniccafehobart Stef used my photo for inspiration to paint this scene. The second picture is the painting. I love this scene and to see this photo as a painting makes it extra special. Stef I love your work. Well done. 😊👌 and Thank you for allowing me to share this. #appreciationpost #artwork #painting #richmondbridge #picniccafehobart #nevermissanopportunity

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Two of my favourite things: the girls and a warm arvo picnic 🌼

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• Richmond Bridge • Built by convicts in the 1820’s, this is Australia’s oldest bridge still in use in today. A beautiful place for a picnic and to watch the ducks chase your child for their food 😂😬. (Hey, she slept really well after all that exercise 😆). And the town is well worth a visit!

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RICHMOND BRIDGE, TAS The Richmond Bridge is located just 20 minutes out of Hobart. It can lay claim to being the oldest existing stone arch bridge in Australia. The bridge was originally named Bigge’s Bridge after the Royal Commissioner John Thomas Bigge who proposed the erection of the Bridge in 1820. Bigge recognised the need to improve transportation of convicts and early settlers from Hobart Town to other regions of Tasmania such as the east coast and as far down the Tasman Peninsula as the Port Arthur penal settlement. The two years of construction commenced in 1823. It was built by convict labour (prisoners from the nearby Richmond Gaol), a common trend at the time for developing major buildings and roads. These convicts were forced to perform the gruelling task of mining the sandstone from the nearby Butchers Hill and then transport it to the site using carts. The craftsmanship was brilliant – with only minimal maintenance, the bridge has stood for close to 200 years. Constructed with wheat carts in mind, it’s still in use today, supporting cars and buses of far greater weight. Photo credit: @bokehandco . . . . . . #aussiebucketlist #richmondbridge #tasmania #australia #tasmaniagram #australiagram #discovertasmania #discoveraustralia #igaustralia #igaustralia #igtasmania #igersaustralia #igerstasmania #seeaustralia #exploreaustralia #thisisaustralia #travelaustralia #travellingaustralia #tourismaustralia #tourismtasmania #visittasmania #australianhistory #bucketlist #australianbucketlist #australiabucketlist #australianarchitecture #architecture #hobart #hobartandbeyond

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