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Point Danger & Rainbowbay Beach Point Danger - 第三張照片 昆士蘭州與新南威爾斯州的邊界 兩色分別為不同洲,讓腳跨越 Rainbowbay beach - 踩著細砂,把煩惱忘掉巴 #pointdanger #rainbowbay #✈️ㄎㄧㄤㄎㄧㄤ出國 #澳洲 #澳洲旅遊 #澳洲景點 #澳洲旅行 #澳洲生活 #澳洲海灘 #australia #beach #photography

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It was a spectacular morning for whale watching at Point Danger 🐋 Full beach & surf report at 5.30pm. #9News | 9News.com.au

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: This cloud popped from nowhere, kept growing and moved north leaving clear sky in its trail. An amazing meteorological show over the Coral Sea off Point Danger.

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(Anzeige) Who you are is okay. You always have been. You just have to do all the things that bring out the best version of you again. and again.and again. Chase them. And become addicted to the feeling of alignment. 💎 Things that bring out the best in me: - Yoga (daily) , if I don’t do yoga or at least meditate, I lose alignment easily. - Eating a detox diet rich in fruits and vegetables, to prevent environmental toxins and oxidants from taking over and to balance my hormones and keep me feeling young wild fit and free - Dancing and moving my body and embracing my feminine power. ❤️ - eating plantbased and trying to live sustainably to have as much positive energy inside me to share with others. These yoga pants by @dplusk.thelabel I am wearing are VEGAN, ethically produced in Australia. And they feel amazing on my skin! Clothes can have so many toxins too, that go straight into your lymphatic system. Especially for active wear there are a lot of ethical and sustainable options, I reckon! - Dancing and moving my body and embracing my feminine power. ❤️ Der Shift von Australien nach Deutschland wird wieder eine Lebensstil Änderung, und meine Pfeiler werden Ernährung und Yoga sein, die mich hoffentlich rüber bringen und gut im kalten Deutschland ankommen lassen. Einmal von Sommer und Strand auf den Weihnachtsmarkt bittöö ! 😛🤧😸 Habt ihr auf Flugreisen schonmal Melatonin genommen um zu schlafe. Und das Jetlag zu vermindern? Erfahrung bitte gerne in den Kommentaren.🥰 #yogswear#yogagirl#yogapants#beachyoga

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Hope you’re all ready for the formal spams coming up 🤩 thank you for the amazing night and @allibellue for being my amazing photographer 💗💗💗

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I want to be free so free Like a feather blowing through the breeze Like a bird in a tree Like a dolphin in the sea Currently it‘s past 4 am here. I decided not to sleep because I have to get up at 4:55 anyways. Not healthy definitley, but sometimes life happens. Sydney has left me speechless. It‘s like Sydney is a magnetic field that just doesn‘t let me go. Tonight was the best night out I had for a long time. It‘s crazy what happens in my life since I started living in the present, since I welcomed the unknown events in my life. And Ieft the automatic living mode. I was close really close to cancelling my flight. And we‘ll see if I manage to get on that 6:40 am flight, without sleep. The automatic living mode would have said , I should skip the party and go to sleep at 8pm. But what a shame would I have missed everything my soul experienced tonight. I encourage you go out there and welcome the unknown. 🙏🏻🌊 4 Uhr morgens. Fast Syndey nicht verlassen, das heisst NOCH bin ich ja auch noch hier. Sydney macht mich fertig. Die Energie hier ist so krass. Zack, manifestiert sich jeder Gedanke. Wenn ich nicht schon eingecheckt hätte hätte ich den Rückflug geändert. Ich bin dankbar für diese Zeit die ich hier haben durfte, wieder. Einmal nach hause kommen seit 2017. Menschen wie @enyaelia hier haben die mich mit offenen Armen empfangen und mich in das Chaos einweihen.😛 Brisbane ist für mich keine Alternative zu Sydney. I don‘t know when, but I will come back. This picture is taken at the border from Queensland to New South Wales. Clearly , I am team NSW. ☺️ Welche Stadt ist für euch etwas ganz besonderes? • • • • #consciousness#hormonalhealth#pcos#achtsamkeit#holisticliving#holistichealing#yogalifestyle#yogagirl#awakening#recovered#healthyweight#intuitiveliving#intuition#selflove#bodylove#selbstliebe#bodypositivity#femaleenergy#higherself#glücklichsein#journaling#inspirational#australien#sydney#goldcoast

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Feels| Something is shifting inside me and I can feel it. But what is it exactly? I think I like it, my past self would have been so proud because I changed in ways it could only dream of. Need no black Friday, just need someone who hugs me and brings fresh dates. 😂🍬 My kind of candy! Contributing eka pada adho mukha svanasana to the #greenyogainternational challenge. Yoga Pants ethical and vegan: @dplusk.thelabel What did you buy or not buy or think about this black friday consumption feast? I don‘t like it... #yogagirl#beachyoga#yogawear#yogapants#yogainspiration

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In my arms forever ❤️

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