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SQUAD GOALS #rzfamily

3 months ago 47
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The never ending project of the castle continues...

23 days ago 44
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Rye Lanez doin up Crimbo proper #rzfamily

11 months ago 19
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@mrfinbar came down to Peckham and blessed us with some incredible hand painted signs. Couldn’t be happier with everything as usual he finessed it with the finest sauce. Top bloke he comes highly recommended, and there’s even more to come! #rzfamily #love #london #peckham #tattoo #handpainted #signs

4 months ago 19
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One positive thing that’s come from this time we’ve had off at the shop is it’s given us a chance to really put some work into the projects we’ve had in the pipeline. This is the new seating area in progress, each of the 4 booths will be slightly different. It will be a place to draw and get designs ready for clients, somewhere to eat food whilst waiting for your appointment and also a place to put your feet up and relax after a hard days work. Can’t wait to show everyone the improvements we’ve made to our castle and of course can’t wait to see you all again! Lots of love from the whole Rye laneZ family❤️💋🛠 #ryelaneztattooing

6 months ago 25
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GHOST TOWN. I’ve been doing my one walk a day in the evening. Such a memorable experience - like coming home in the early hours from a night out (not that I’ve done that in a while!). Places that would ordinarily be packed at 8pm on a warm spring night, totally empty: a city quietly doing it’s bit to save lives. #peckham #ryelane #justme ⚡️🌙⚡️

7 months ago 16
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⚡️FLASH DAY-AUGUST 29th⚡️ Tattoos from the like of @londonboytattooer @obwelectrictattooing @mobytatts @lewisham @tatsbyhats @stickybandittattz @nagatattooer @gringoink @chrisoday @lucadiscordia Food & Drink from & Coco-nuts from @enrootldn Due to be a fun Saturday out, and of course we will be taking COVID-19 precautions! See you there 💋 #love #london #peckham #tattoo #flashday

3 months ago 61
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Walk ins always welcome @rye.lanez.tattooing 🦒🐕🦌 #love #london #peckham #tattoo

14 days ago 0
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5 months ago 12
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Come say hi to our new friend @bettyboop #love #london #peckham #bettyboop

3 months ago 13
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Some photos of the flash day taken by @framesfromhunter #love #London #peckham #tattoo #flashday

2 months ago 6