Pablo Escobar's Mansion, Tulum

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Pablo Escobar's Mansion 🌿 cc: @paudictado

8 months ago 222
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Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before.✨ • Traveling to new destinations helps you step out of your comfort zone and fall in love with new favorite places. Which new destination will you travel to this year?

9 months ago 39
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Tulum vibesss..✨

9 months ago 46
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Happy birthday to me🎉 Sweet 24 💓 I take it as the last crazy year at 25 promise to be more humble🤪 #casamalca #tulum #mexico #birthdaygirl #24

8 months ago 183
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Baby got a ego twice the size of the crib.. I could never tell her shit it is what is 😎

9 months ago 59
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With its close proximity to the states and social distancing regulations amid the pandemic, Tulum remains a hotspot for travelers. // @lavidalocakiss #travelnoire

3 months ago 59
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Thinking back to these chill Sunday vibes in this cool setting 🇲🇽👌 #casamalca #interiorinspo

9 months ago 113
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Straight out the jungle 🌴🌿 #tulum #Mexico

9 months ago 202
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“you a goddess, you gracious”

9 months ago 87
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Time to make the magic happen... #tulum #casamalca #mexico #pabloescobarmansion

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