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Of all of my ideas, Paris was the best one...

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Me after watching a season of Emily in Paris 🥐☕️ / Aujourd'hui on s'est baladé pendant six heures avec @chiaandchilll , on a pris un petit déjeuner (magnifique) chez @angelinaparis puis elle a fait la guide touristique pour me faire découvrir Paris que je ne connais toujours pas assez ! ✨ Vous aimez ce look sinon ? Je suis fan de ces chaussures !

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Day two of my trip to Paris included visiting The Louvre. My favorite parts of the historic museum were the beautiful sculpted and painted ceilings. Picture three is one of the ceilings in the Louvre. The only other place I have seen with such beautiful ceilings was in the Vatican City in Rome. (I will post pictures of this eventually). I have always been fascinated with architecture. The people that built the Louvre in 1793 must have taken ages to finish it. The patience they must have had astounds me. Such attention to detail would be so tedious. It also makes me wonder if people could even create or fix such things in today’s day and age. ⚒ Similar to my Eiffel Tower moment I discussed in my last post, seeing the Mona Lisa painting was an exhilarating experience. 👩🏻‍🎨It’s something nearly everyone in the world has heard of and I actually got to see it. I remember people running past me and feeling alarmed so my friends and I ran with them. I soon discovered we were racing each other to get the best view of one of the most famous pieces of art in all of history. I felt proud of myself for chasing after my dreams and I want more people to experience that feeling. ❤️ The final picture is of me in front of a window inside the Louvre. The view from there is of golden waves in between what looks like palaces. It was interesting because the Louvre is incredibly historic, but these waves looked sort of modern. If you ever visit the Louvre look up at the ceilings and the beautiful architecture. Soak it all in because there are not many other places like it in the world. #louvremuseum #paris #monalisa #travel #travelblog

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So happy to go see my favorite sculpture Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss by Antonio Canova @museelouvre

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📍Paris #louvre #paris #berlin

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Because why not

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arts de l'islam au louvre - polaroid nᵒ7

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