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Siapa yg tahu apa 2 benda di belakang kita? 😜 “What do you want to be What kind of you want to be Ikutilah raja dalam hatimu Jiwamu...” #petikan #lirik #liveyourlife #comingsoon #genhalilintar #youtube #youtubechannel “Be you wanna be asal tak lari esensi” #liveyourlife ••••••••••••••••••• Follow the king inside your heart and soul. Be what you wanna be as long as not running from the essence #selfreminder #lifeessentials

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Wet 💦

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swipe for my favorite part of the day !🙈

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Still in Bed? Don't Let your Lazy Monkey Attack You..... Finished 101 Surya Namaskars Today, My Rountine since last one year. Every Saturday at 5.30 am, we follow this practice. Let me know what Excuse Your Lazy Monkey ( P-Monkey,according to my New Book #themonkeytheory) throws at you.🐒💚💪 You always wanted that great body, but this character has stopped you by throwing excuses and always giving you False security. This time let's beat him, I will tell you very simple,effective and easy to use tricks to get over your Laziness and Procrastination in next 4 weeks. Step 1 is by identifying the excuses,Let me know what excuse your P- Monkey gives you for not going to the Gym. Most Genuine and Relatable Comments wins a Giveaway. Tag a friend who joins Gym but never continue 🙈😄 #themonkeytheory #bloggers #bookreviewers #bookworms #readersofinstagram #msdhoni #monkeymind #motivationalquotes #gym #fitness #excuses #booknerds

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HOT SNAKES UK TOUR. TIX ON SALE NOW. Check local zines and rags for up to the minute info. Dec. 3 Nottingham/Bodega* Dec.4 Manchester/Deaf Institute• Dec. 5 Newcastle/Cluny* Dec. 6 Glasgow/Broadcast* Dec. 7 Belfast/Black Box• Dec. 8 Dublin/Grand Social* Dec.10 Birmingham/Hare & Hounds• Dec.11 Leeds/Brudenell* Dec.12 London/Garage* Dec. 13 Bristol/Thekla* Dec. 14 Brighton/Patterns• Dec. 15 Cambridge/Portland Arms• *recommended performance • special performance

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What comes easy won’t last long & what lasts long won’t come easy💛 #love #selflove #independentwoman #independent #brave #kindness #women #brunette #adidas #lifestyle #casual #outfits #ootd #pink #girly #cardigan #spring #youtuber #vlogs #instafashion

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Hanging out with the Monkeys🐒

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i'm currently working on an edit for my crash account, in the meantime enjoy this masterpiece from my good friend @ironic.mp4 and drop him a follow if you haven't already

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🐵 MONKEY ISLAND 🐒 In the town of Homosassa, you can find an island of wild spider monkeys. No, we're not monkeying around!

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