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🔹 Adama Traore: Beni durdurmak için kollarımdan tutuyorlardı. Yağ sürdükten sonra imkansız hale geldi. @adamatrd37 & @wolves . . . .Bizi takip edin 👉 @mackolik . . . . . . . . . #turkey #türkiye #football #futbol #premierleague #wolves

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Don't forget to follow @factsfunday for more. He planted four species, of which only one survived, but that is going strong, despite having been deprived of fresh air or moisture since the bung was last removed in 1972.Its owner, David Latimer, began his experiment in 1960 when bottle gardens were all the rage, curious to see how well the plants would do. Source : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2267504/The-sealed-bottle-garden-thriving-40-years-fresh-air-water.html And turn on the post notification . Intelligence is always work in progress so you are never too late to add to what you already know. . The good news is, you don’t have to learn everything in hours, days or even months 🤺 but with @factsfunday learn daily. . If You Do Read These Facts Every Day, You’ll Become Smarter. . Visit & Follow @factsfunday for #DailyFacts Now. . Image Credit to their Respective Owner 📸 . DM- CREDIT/REMOVAL . There is a lot of Information that didn’t make it into the books for our schools. Let's get a book and educate yourself @factsfunday

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Check out my tik tok account frankiepeterso9 #amongus

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Ready for golf💜🖤💚#golf #fun #amazing #pickoftheday @fashionnova

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Hello, this is my first Insta post. Just to give you a little information about me, my name is Phillipa and I have been interested in Art my whole life. I have drawn and painted from a young age, using so many different mediums and techniques. Recently with the time, that so many of us have found ourselves with, I have been drawn to the pouring technique. I hope you enjoy the journey with me. All pictures and other extras are available to purchase so please get in touch! #art #artistsoninstagram #pourpainting #artwork #artoftheday #pouringart #arttherapy

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Is hinata proposing to an apple LMAO

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في مباراة نارية الارسنال يواجه ليستر هذ اليوم 🔥 توقع نتيجة المباراة 🤔🤔

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The best league in the world 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🔥🔥

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If it resonates, it's your message. * Magician, Page of Swords, 3 of Wands. * Something has got you feeling excited (or soon will). A subtle shift in your inner focus will make you see a situation in a new light and then things start to look more favourable. You have got the power to manifest your dreams. Remember, Word is Bond or to put it another way, your words are powerful and like a spell, the words you say are potent and can create problems or they can create magic. So choose your words wisely - both the words spoken to others and your own inner monologue. You know that good things take time but you are setting things up to work out in your favour and you are on the golden path which leads to your Good. You will see some small signs of your manifestation over the next few weeks. Use these as EVIDENCE that your manifestation is near. For some of you, you will manifest a message or some positive news that you have nearly given up on over the next few days and this will put a spring in your step or even make your heart beat faster. Divine Timing is at play so you can just relax and let the Universe take care of the details. * Blessings Clair xoxo * * * * * * * #clairsummer #lumieretarot #tarotreaders #tarotlove #tarotreadersofinstagram #basicwitch #clairsummer #lumies #dailytarot #freetarotreading #tarot #paganotherworlds #manifestation #LOA

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