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Why does last month feel like a year ago🤕

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✨ Magic place 🌜💰

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💚 Bao buns and bubble tea make for a Sunday well spent 💛 • Last weekend I walked into soho and was reunited with @8unhouse, introduced to @bijububbletea and got papped in the process 😂📸 • Bun house is such a classic and delivers every single time 🥰 the buns genuinely taste like fluffy sweet clouds and are so unbelievably tasty. The best filling in my opinion has to be the pork, but chicken lamb and beef are also all amazing. 3 buns each will see you right and you’ll leave full and extremely happy for around £7 👏🏼 • I’ve also never had bubble tea before (call myself a food blogger) and my first experience was v enjoyable! I loved the little balls (not sure the technical names for these lol) and the way you get loads in every sip. I had a honey green tea with apple balls, it was sweet and refreshing. We also tried the strawberry one which was basically like a strawberry milkshake 🍓 • Thanks so much to @bijububbletea for gifting me the teas, can’t wait to visit again soon! #prproducts

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the sexual tension between me and london🥵🥵 @revolve #REVOLVEme

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the grass is greener where I am

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Might sound weird on paper but Netflix wants you off your sofa and out of your house – within the current letter of the law, obvs. The streaming platform has teamed up with Chinatown to mark the release of its new Chinese-American animation ‘Over the Moon’ with a kaleidoscopic lantern display in the heart of London’s West End. The installation is unveiled in London today and in Birmingham on Friday. Inspired by folklore from East Asia’s Moon Festival, it comprises 50 glowing lanterns that promise to transform Chinatown into a magical world of sparkly illuminations.  ​ ​The light show runs will raise money for the very excellent @medicinemacharity and the @.thelondonccc.  ​ ​Tap the link in our bio for more info. 🏮✨

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Not a food review! But can you guys recommend any good dimsum for delivery at night? You need a backup plan if anything gonna happen in these few days! Stay safe everyone and let's eat dimsum together soon fam! Love you! 😘😘😘 #dimsumtime 📷: @sanjiphotography 📍: @dimsumlaundry 🚌: @chinatownlondon

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